The Just Because You’re Paranoid Edition, aka, They’re Heeere…
Posted at 10:26h, 02 Aug 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
In case you haven’t yet noticed, Google is now on street corners all over New York City, which is not only home to millions of New Yorkers, but is also one of the most international of cities, hosting tourists and business people from all over the world, what to speak of UN delegates and their […]
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The Payback is a Bitch Edition
Posted at 16:19h, 05 Jul 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
As promised, no editorial this week due to the holidays, but rust and tech – and hubris, it seems – never rests, and given the increasing amount of connectedness/surveillance/ control of which tech is capable, and with governments at the table and in the code, fyi: Google My Activity shows everything that company knows about its users ­ and there’s a lot Facebook's Filter Bubble Is Getting Worse. Facebook is becoming an echo chamber that prevents us from being confronted with opinions we don't agree with The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb. Maybe you’re not as smart as you think – and ‘they’ ar...
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