Good morning, All, and before we tell you what the feedback is, we’d like to give more of you a chance to chime in on changes you’d like to see. And we will tell you the results in Thursday’s blast, not to worry.

First, our apologies to Hans Zaurnere who runs bootup and held an event last night – we received the posting a day too late, and more than happy to post your next event, Hans.

For those of you who responded that you’d like to know more about events – we’re always happy to post them, starting now, and FYI, Streaming Media East is at the Hilton today and tomorrow (online registration is closed – information on the events is at http://www.streamingmedia.com/conferences/East2010/); the TechAviv meetup is tonight (you have to join to group to register) and Driving Revenue with Digital Marketing Tools is tomorrow night in Queen. This one is free and you’ll find the information at http://www.nyreport.com/digitaltourqueens. The New York Open Coffee meetup is every Thursday morning 9.15-10.15. I know some list members are already OC members and it’s an open discussion, usually centered around tech and tech issues, and takes place at Taralucci e Vino (15 East 18th Street) and it’s also free – except you do pay for your own breakfast/coffee. As per many of your suggestions, we will try to post events that may be relevant to you, including those not hosted by members. We’re also working on an SOS member discount to Techcrunch Disrupt, not to worry.

Then there’s HackDay at Techcrunch Disrupt They’ll provide the Red Bull and pizza. You provide the brain power for a marathon overnight hack Saturday to Sunday, May 22-23. After a lightning round of demos and judging Sunday morning, the winning team will go on to present onstage at Disrupt on Wednesday, alongside the top startups chosen from Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield. And all teams who make it through the night will get a free pass to attend Disrupt’s high-voltage three-day program.TO MAKE it all happen, Techcrunch is teaming with Facebook, who’s sponsoring and sending a team of hackathon veterans, including Pedram Keyani and Soleio Cuervo, as well as hacker experts Daniel Raffel, Chad Dickerson, Tarkih Korula and Jonah Brucker-Cohen. Participants will conceptualize, create and present their projects/apps/hacks in 24hrs. Anything goes as long as it’s created onsite. No deckware demos.
TO APPLY, Please go to http://disrupt.techcrunch.com/hackathon/ form and fill out the form by May 14. Space for the Hackathon is limited but they’ll try to accommodate as many teams and individuals as possible. If you’re not a developer/hacker/designer or aren’t able to attend both days then they will be inviting people to come and watch the final demos on the Sunday. You’ll receive a confirmation email as the date approaches.

One more thing, which has nothing to do with the hackathon – Graham Lawlor is going to start posting his Ultra Light Startup events. He can’t offer an SOS discount, but the event is very affordable and includes pizza, soda and a good crowd so it’s well worth the price of admission. There’s a discount if you present your startup as well! Wish he’d post about his new startup, brightmap.com. It’s a social directory of companies, and do check it out.

Finally, for those of you who requested more event postings who do not live in the NY area, if/when you see postings, please do send them to us and we’re happy to post. We may also start posting them to the StartupOneStop linked in group. But, one step at a time.

That’s it for now except that, as always, help is on the way…

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