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Good morning, All,The threat of a lot of wind and water – aka Hurricane Sandy - came along starting this past weekend and most of the Eastern seaboard was on put on high alert or shut down, including New York City, which came to a grinding halt. True: Halloween Week and NYC turned into a ghost town. In the midst of all this, California had an earthquake - as did Canada and Apple Computer (Massive Shakeup at Apple: http://tnw.co/WWh3mI).We’re not used to natural disasters in New York City, especially here in Manhattan. The outer boroughs have had tornados here and there, but let’s face it: we’re not in Kansas. Not by a longshot, and with all due respect to Kansas, we mean that as a metaphor.We came across this article last week, and Sandy certainly changed our perspective on it: Why We Can’t Solve Big Problems. "We wanted flying cars—instead we got 140 characters," says paypal co-founder and mega-investor Peter Thiel: <...
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Good morning, All,We debated whether to call this the ‘startup’ or ‘entrepreneur’ checklist. We opted for ‘entrepreneur’ since, when Web 1.0 began, newly-minted endeavors were not called ‘startups': they were called ‘companies.’ The idea was, and presumably still is, to build a business. To do what you set out to do, and to finish what you start up - which is to build a viable business. We’ve all seen the 10-slide investor decks. We know what investors are looking for. But what are the points entrepreneurs need to consider? Here are some things to keep in mind for your own internal slide deck/startup checklist:In the beginning there is The Idea, but that's just the beginning… 1. Is there a real problem that needs to be addressed? 2. Do you have the right experience to address this problem? 3. Can you afford to do this? Can you afford not to? 4. Is what you are creating truly unique and necessary, or are you reinventing the wheel? What have you done to v...
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Good morning, All,First came the facebook movie, and remember, there are three sides to every story (his side, her side and the truth). Well, four, if you count Hollywood’s. We see Dennis Crowley in commercials. Techstars and Quirky with their own television shows. "Shark Tank," is a pitch panel by any other name and with higher-paying sponsors. Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, MC Hammer, Lady Gaga, Adrian Grenier, Justin Bieber, Natalie Portman and other celebrities are making their way to Silicon Valley to invest in technology startups. And now there’s Randi Zuckerberg’s soon to be aired startup show, which we like to call the Reel Houselives of Silicon Valley. It’s not shot in Silicon Valley, but rather in the much more scenic San Francisco (ever been to Sandhill Road? Next). As to the show’s stars themselves being representative of the Cali-based tech world, it seems anyone in the startup world who isn’t white, a millenial, camera-ready and who doesn’t look great in a bat...
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Good morning, All, First, our next SOS gathering is next week, October 18. Register here: http://sosoctobermixer.eventbrite.com/ There were two events of note on Friday: First, it’s official - 1 out of every 7 people on the planet has a facebook account. (We are aware of the at least 8.7% bogus accounts - Facebook officially passes 1 billion monthly active users: http://tnw.co/StamXY). It was also a year since the death of Steve Jobs. Facebook is one of the largest countries in the world, based on population, and Apple one of the wealthiest, based on GNP. We work in an industry where a premium is placed on number of registered users. While FB literally’s got a billion of them, last time we checked, the stock was still well below its IPO price, although slightly up from previous weeks. One more thing happened on Friday: a friend pinged me to tell that his compa...
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Good morning, All,We always see lists of the steps to take to succeed in technology. What about the things and people to avoid, sometimes at all costs. Starting with advice from the piece that inspired today’s newsletter: Why I got Fired from Facebook (a $100 Million dollar lesson): http://bit.ly/RqDgp1 Worth a read, and one of my favorites, yea, even as a networker. And blogger: “The BEST way to get famous is make amazing stuff. That’s it. Not blogging, networking, etc.” Make sure to read the note from Zuck – and see if you can find Waldo. Networking is important – but not to the exclusion of all else, or to validate your overwhelming desire to procrastinate. New rule: Check to see who’s going, or who’s hosting. Give yourself an hour to go and meet the people on your list. Also make sure to meet at least one new person. Once you get the feeling that your work there is done, leave. And don’t look ba...
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