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Good morning, All,The twitterverse went wild last week over what was basically an act of immaturity that spiraled out of control, thanks to social media. In brief: Adria Richards (SendGrid) was offended by a (perceived) sexual joke having to do with a “dongle” and “forking,” which she overheard at a developer conference. Instead of confronting the developer, she took a picture of him, then shamed him on Twitter and in her blog post. DongleGate was born. They both got fired. Once again, the power of the Internet and the amplification brought about via social media got some people in trouble.Newsflash: most guy tell each other off color jokes (last week’s Grey’s Anatomy featured a prank in which one doctor had another doctor unwittingly page a patient named Jenna Talia. No one was fired. The show was not cancelled). Didn't it occur to her that rather than report it to the twitterverse, she could have turned around and talked to them. She was fired but not ...
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Good morning, All,Short and sweet today. We read a lot of blog posts and articles, many of which offer advice to entrepreneurs and we’ve boiled it down to 5 simple points. It’s a short list and alliteration always makes it easier to remember:1. Passion: you’ve got to have that fire in the belly – that thing that keeps you up at night. Starting a venture is hard. Having that passion for what you’re doing is what helps to keep you going. 2. Purpose/Problem. It’s that thing that you’ve set about to solve. That void you’re trying to fill; that pain point that you’re attempting to eliminate. That’s also four P words, which shows you how critical this point is. 3. People: your team, your mentors, your advisors, your investors. Having the wrong people on your team can bring everything to a grinding halt. Trust me on this one. 4. Process/Plan. To get from point A to point B, you need a plan. One ...
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Good morning, All,We’re hosting a panel on accelerators this week, let’s talk about accelerators. We mentor at ER Accelerator, and always attend the hospitality events that precede Deadline Day to talk to potentials. The question that always comes up: Is it worth the equity they’d be giving up for a rather small amount of seed investment. Ah, but then there are the intangibles that you may not be aware of: 1. There are mentors who are well known investors/industry luminaries who come in for an afternoon to talk to you – both as a group, to give you an overview – and then one on one. Invaluable, especially since they often return on Demo Day to catch your pitch, and you already have something of a relationship with them that’s much more than a warm introduction. 2. There are mentors who are subject matter experts who really work with you to shape your presentation – and introduce you to potential partners/clients. You often have access to them for far longer than just ...
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Good morning, All,Two weeks ago, Marissa Mayer issued a directive that Yahoo would no longer be permitted to work from home and it caused quite a stir. “Speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home. We need to be one Yahoo!, and that starts with physically being together,” the memo, which was generated by the head of HR, read. Deadline: June 1st. Comply or else. Many Yahoos!, some of whom were hired as remote employees, felt it harsh, and so leaked the confidential memo. Yahoo’ers themselves were chiming in that there were remote employees who were busy starting their own companies – on Yahoo’s dime – and others who’d been working remotely for so long, they’d been forgotten and hadn’t done any work in ages. Yahoo’s employee rolls have certainly grown bloated over the years and what better way to tell whe...
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