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Good morning, All, and just wanted to have a little fun today.

First, next week is the last full week of Daylight Savings Time, so enjoy!

Second: Did you know that there’s a free work space for designers in NYC? It’s true: it’s called wix lounge and while we haven’t been there, nor have we heard any reports about it, here’s more information for the designers on the list: Read More...



Good morning, All, and good one, eh? Here’s the deal:

They’re still in closed beta, and have limited it to the first 200 startups/entrepreneurs who want to use it. To try the Funding Recommendation Engine:
1. Visit ChubbyBrain @
2. In the invite code box, enter “startup1stop” (no quotes) and click the green button (Free! Get Started)
3. The Funding Recommendation Engine will then start

How the FRE works?
Investors often talk about “pattern matching” when they talk about assessing investments. The FRE is pattern matching in reverse. The reality is that past investment behavior is the best indicator of future behavior and so the FRE takes inputs about an entrepreneur’s business (industry, funding required, location, stage, experience of entrepreneur, etc) and then algorithmically matches those inputs with investors/funding institutions based on the investors’ actual investment history (not what their website says). The FRE uses data from CB Insights and culls through 8000 investors (VCs, angels, gov’t grant programs, family offices, pvt/growth equity, banks, etc) who’ve made at least one investment in a private company in the last 2 years to algorithmically assess fit with an entrepreneur’s venture. Read More...



Good morning, All, and we did have quite a turn-out on Tuesday evening for FAC3. We did try to have you all meet as many potential co-founders as possible and were happy to see that a lot of you left smiling. We did have about a hundred techs show up, but you know how it goes: never enough of them! Working on it! We know you still have follow-up to do: remember, it starts with speed dating. Up to you to make the next move, and if all goes well, we want to hear from some of you at FAC4 . There were even techs there looking for business co-founders (that’s a note to self – and you all – for the FAC4.) And yes, we will do another one – mark your calendars – on November 30, before the holiday party. Yes, there will be an SOS holiday party, and that’s all we can say about it for now, since we’re only just starting to organize it. If you’d like to sponsor, let us know!

In the meantime, if it goes really well with your new potential cofounder, don’t forget the list of NYC’s most active early stage internet and mobile VCs (, which we’re reposting since we heard that a few of you received an empty newsletter on Tuesday and we promised that there was information in there).

If you’re not quite at that stage yet, or need help mapping out your startup, you might also want to consider It’s an online guide to help you launch your startup. With a roadmap of concrete action items that’s customized for your idea, along with access to a community of experts and resources for obtaining business planning guidance, funding, legal guidance, low cost marketing strategies, this is the only online tool that helps you manage the entire startup process, each step of the way. There’s a free 7-day trial and because StartupOneStop is a startup community, wickedstart is offering us a 20% off the subscription price of $10/month. Go to Discount code: SOS001 Our thanks to Howard for bringing it to our attention, and discounts – and help – are always welcomed and appreciated. Read More...



Good morning, All, and guess which venture capital firms are writing checks to early-stage internet and mobile companies in NYC?

You don’t really have to guess, because put the list together for us. Mind you, the rankings are not of the top NYC-based venture firms, but rather, who’s providing funding to NYC-based startups. But do you really care where the investors have their offices? Of course not, and the winner is…Lerer Media Ventures! For the full article and the whole list:

Which brings us to “Find-A-CoFounder3” taking place this evening at the Hudson Hotel and we’ve gotten a huge response from developers, who’ve already registered to be there. Hey, we read the post – we know that a lot of you are looking for developers and technical co-founders. Here’s your chance! We’ll even have past attendees speak for a few minutes about how they successfully found their co-founders at previous FAC events. So come, find your co-founder, then get busy and refer to the list of who to go for early-stage funding. Sounds like a plan to me! Read More...



Good morning, All, and yes, it’s in private beta and in case you’ve been under a rock or heads down – heaven forfend! – hard at work on your own startup, it’s the connections engine that’s charting the social media landscape and is being written up everywhere – based right here in NYC. The official launch is November 1, but if you want an invite or a hookup, email Happy to oblige.

Want to attend New York Entrepreneur Week for free? Founders Block is launching a video contest for you to share your entrepreneurial story. Tell us “What is an Entrepreneur?” in 60 seconds or less and you can win a complimentary conference pass, valued at $874.12. Winner is chosen on October 25th. Click here for entry details. Winner is determined by public voting – and frankly, sounds like good fun all around!

Want to attend ‘Find-A-Cofounder 3’ for free? Well, you should have taken a few computer sciences courses. If you did and you are a developer, you get in for free! As it is extremely important for ventures to have an experienced technical Co-Founder, can we do ask that you please forward your resume for to Once it has been reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email of your complimentary ticket. ‘Find A Co-Founder3’ is next week – Tuesday, October 19, and over 50 developers have already registered! Our VC/entrepreneur panel will featureSilicon Valley VC Vishal Shah with GGV Capital, who recently relocated to NYC and has a different take on what investors look for. We’ll also have serial entrepreneurs Joe Chin (, Guidester – now Searchandise Commerce – et al) and Beth Schoenfeldt (co-founder, Collective-e and Ladies Who Launch). Next up: a speed-dating session to make it easier for you to partner up. And our thanks to HodgsonRuss for sponsoring. To register: Read More...



Good morning, All, and hope you enjoyed your Columbus Day.

Speaking of discoveries, this blog will give you 36 places where you can submit your startup for reviews, mentions or at least some backlinks: Our thanks to Perks Consulting ( for bringing it to our attention.

‘Find A Co-Founder3′ is next week – Tuesday, October 19, and over 50 developers have already registered! Vinod Khosla said at TechCrunch Disrupt that the single most important fact about doing a startup is being clear about your vision and not letting it get distorted by what pundits and experts tell you. “But the second most important thing is finding the right team.” And here’s your chance! The good news is: over 50 developers have already signed up to be there. Our VC/entrepreneur panel will feature Silicon Valley VC Vishal Shah with GGV Capital, who recently relocated to NYC and has a different take on what investors look for. We’ll also have serial entrepreneurs Joe Chin (, Guidester -now Searchandise Commerce – et al) and Beth Schoenfeldt (co-founder, Collective-e and Ladies Who Launch). Next up: a speed-dating session to make it easier for you to partner up. Note to developers: As it is extremely important for ventures to have an experienced Technical Co-Founder, can you please forward resumes for review to Once your resume has been received and reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email of your complimentary ticket to ‘Find a Co-Founder 3.’ If you decide to attend as a regular participant, please go to To register for the early bird rate: Read More...



Good morning, All,

CrowdPitch is coming to NYC October 28th and it’s about connecting angels and entrepreneurs – deadline to submit: October 14 and it’s 100% free: free to pitch, free to just come watch – and free food, too! 5 to 6 entrepreneurs will have 4 minutes to pitch their company to both a panel of experts & a live audience, followed immediately by a 3-minute Q&A session with the audience. Finally, we unleash the panel of experts to offer up constructive feedback. The audience chooses the winner by investing ‘FUN’ money in the venture of their choice. Prizes: The winner gets $4,800 of services from the sponsors:
12 hour of financial & accounting services
$1,800 value

startup services
$2,500 value

web services
$500 value
For more information:

Speaking of next week, Media Cross Media is October 12 (training) and 13 (conference) and we have a 20% discount code for SOS members. With ever-smarter portable devices, the line is blurring as to What is Mobile and What is Online. By 2013 more then 50% of web usage will occur via Mobile. This growth will require marketers and media companies to combine their approaches to mobile and online.

 ADObjects and InternetMarketingConference (IMC) have joined forces to bring this first in a series of unique mobile cross-media events that will discuss how Brand Marketers, Agencies, and Publishers can efficiently enter a strategy of mobile and online convergence. 

This must-attend event will answer critical questions that are key to your converged future.
 Hear from 30+ experts from leading companies including iCrossing, Insight Express, Google, MTV, Strawberry Frog and Tweetdeck as they cover major issues such as:

• How can I leverage a mobile strategy efficiently with my existing online resources?

• Should I not just design my existing website to be accessed by Mobile?

• Who are the best online partners to consider?

• How can I evolve my online customer acquisition and retention strategies for mobile?

• How to I manage analytics and social media strategies to include mobile?

• What should I do about transferring my online rich media assets and video to mobile?

• How do I incorporate my existing ecommerce strategies with mobile?

For more on the program or to register go to and your 20% off SOS discount/promo code MXMVIPBH Read More...



Our little island was flooded last week and, yes, I mean Manhattan. We don’t get away much (can’t you tell) and it sounds so much more exotic to call it that. And true!

Good morning, All, and if you’re a New Yorker – or not – and ready to get out of Dodge, even for a little while, how about a business trip to Buenos Aires? Because of the interest for the event and Argentina’s possibilities Philip from has decided to arrange a “Business” trip to Buenos Aires in November. We will be leaving Tuesday November 9th for a 12* day trip to the Paris of the South where he will personally ensure a great mix of entrepreneurial and leisure activities for the people joining us. It will be entrepreneurs week in Buenos Aires 15-20 and a Palermo Valley meetup is already planned on the 16th. We will visit certain key industry companies here and on request he will arrange for meetings with the companies you are looking for. And of course there will be soccer, Spanish, tango, art, music and a lot of steak! We will all stay in a Hotel in the Palermo neighborhood, the top design and culinary part of Buenos Aires. Apart from wifi in the hotel, we will have the use of a fully equipped office for you to use during your stay. Cost: between USD 1,750 – 2,500 per person, depending on departure date and lodging preferences. Note that this is not a commercial trip for him; it is about connecting with other entrepreneurs and sharing his Argentina experience. There is a 7 days alternative leaving November 14th. For more information, shoot him an e-mail and he will set things up for you and/or give you advice on and customize any of your itinerary if you would like to stay longer or travel to different parts of Argentina.

If you decide you need to be on our little island here, well, great timing! It’s New York Entrepreneur Week, November 8 – 12. We’re giving you fair warning as there is a special discount for the SOS Community. Input code SOS345 for a limited time and receive 66% off the entire event!!! The discount – and the early bird rate (only 200 tickets available) are good until 10/15. Read More...

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