Apple shares plummet after lower than expected iPhone sales
Posted at 11:16h, 28 Jul 2015 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Good morning, All,Earning were reported last week, which made it an odd week for Apple, which reported a 35% increase in iPhone sales over last year, but the sales were well under the expected numbers. Still, Apple shares plummet(ed) after lower than expected iPhone sales. But remember: stock prices are based on predicted future earnings, and iPhones sales are expected to ‘go even softer:’ no new versions of the iPhone are going to be released in the near future.According to the article, the iPhone did draw a number of ‘switcher’ – people who crossed over from other platforms - and Mac sales were up (iOS device sales outpace Windows PC sales for first time). Hard numbers on Watch sales were not released, although according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, June sales surpasse...
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Time to pay closer attention to the tea leaves(Unicorn Companies)
Posted at 11:15h, 21 Jul 2015 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Good morning, All,In case you missed it, the subject line is a reference to a song by Prince. A lot of attention is being given to the number of tech companies that have hit unicorns status (Total Number of Unicorn Companies: 119. Total Cumulative Valuation: $448B) and the number of angel investors/the fact that there’s too much money out there right now. The reason why the first bubble burst – and we’ve said it before – was that there was too much money/stupidity chasing too much youth and inexperience. What to speak of the number of newly minted and thoroughly clueless investors in the field, suffering from FOMO Syndrome. Brian Cohen almost never fails to mention this lately – and for good reason.We've seen this beforeTime to pay closer attention to the tea leaves, and FYI:...
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Uber drivers are employees, Calif. court rules. A blow for ‘sharing economy’ startups? via /r/technology
Posted at 11:15h, 14 Jul 2015 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Good morning, All,There’s an expression that the many in the tech community have glommed onto as if it’s part of the startup manifesto: Ask forgiveness, not permission. We’ve covered this in the past, in other forms, but factoring in that tech is very much and has long been the domain of the alpha male, let’s face it: the concept of forgiveness is not really part of their lexicon. So while it’s a nice idea, honestly: it’s more a ‘whatever’ attitude. Asking permission is not what they’ll do and as for the consequences, it’s left to the world at large to deal with it.Which is never a good idea. This arrogance is inviting regulation, and it’s never a good idea to catch the attention of the regulators.Uber is the perfect example, and note to self: when a company has a name like Uber, it wreaks of Alpha, and speaks volumes. Uber is a technology solution, meaning, from their point of view, that they’ve absolved themselves of responsibility for the Uber drivers who are using th...
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