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Good morning, All, That was for Stargate SG-1 fans. Short week, so we’re keeping it short.For anyone who has ever cooked a turkey, and the full Thanksgiving meal, you know that it takes time. It’s part of the ritual, in fact. The bird goes into the oven (we are not into that deep-fried thing: it’s just wrong) and stuffed or unstuffed, it takes hours. And needs basting and attention every now and again. And then there are the vaious and assorteds to prepare, and from start to finish, it takes days.Many nations have a ritual not unlike Thanksgiving. Canada’s falls in October. Their signature dishes take time to properly prepare as well: take that turkey out of the oven before it’s fully cooked, and you can get quite sick, or worse. Yet once the feast app...
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Good morning, All, Snapchat just turned down a $3B offer from Facebook. The company, headed by a 23-year-old (sound familiar) has no revenue, but it does have a very loyal and growing – and extremely sticky – user base (sound familiar?).When FB turned down the big buyout from Yahoo in 2006, it was considered insanity, if not tech suicide. What was young Zuckerberg thinking? Facebook had no particularly propriety technology or patents in its arsenal (sound familiar?). When Twitter turned down the big buyout offer, again, insanity. When Andrew Mason headed up Groupon and turne...
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Good morning, All, Unless you’ve opted out and there’s still time, your name and face can be used in Google ads, starting today. Not everyone who uses Google products is a sophisticated web user, and how long before there’s a hue and cry – not to mention a lawsuit? (We’re personally looking forward to the SNL parody, which should be a wake up call to those who don’t read the fine print or follow the tech press.) But whatever happened to the days when the customer was always right? Has the faceless world of online changed that? Careful there.We are personally not fan of wall...
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Good morning, All, Ok, we’re mixing metaphors today, thanks to a tweet by @davemcclure: driving entrepreneur education, building community, making bets *b4* traction are more reliable+sustainable foundations 2 finding unicorns.We know the usual VC drill: Invest in successful serial entrepreneurs (which, for the record, not only doesn’t always work out, but in such cases, they tend to invest more money than necessary and well, we know what that end result it. And yet, lemming-like, many a VC holds hard and fast to that rule); invest in the team, which usually means the co-founding team, like Tumblr’s David Karp and, wait, no co-founder there; and putting money on Ivy-educated entrepreneurs is always a better bet, like Steve Jobs (oops, no, he dropped out of ...
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