speaking of smart phones
Posted at 23:02h, 29 Jul 2014 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Good morning, All,Can we not call it the Internet of Thing? How about the Internet of Devices, or if we’re married to IoT, let’s be more specific and just call it the Internet of Tracking. Think that you’re going to sit this IoT out for a while? Or that it’s still a ways off? Have a smartphone? Welcome aboard! And speaking of smart phones, in case you missed it, Apple left a backdoor on every iOS device.No, we’re not going the paranoid route/NSA/possible governmental next steps in the name of ‘security,’ yea, even in a world where a TSA agent doesn’t know that the District of Columbia is part of the US. But security and our personal information are always of concern to us, especially in a world where networks are not secure – and more and more of t...
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Why is Yo worth so much?
Posted at 23:01h, 22 Jul 2014 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Good morning, All,In case you’ve been on a desert island or in a coma, welcome back, and yes, an app called Yo that was developed in half an hour or so, raised $1 million. Oh, wait, that was last week’s news and update – make that $1.5 million. We know what you’re thinking:Y?Because now every important notification on the planet can be conveyed in just two letters. Yes, we know: you were promised flying cars and all you got was 140 characters. Well, now, make that two. See? Progress.In a world gone mad.Some of the so-called best investors in the industry are behind it, including Mashable’s Pete Cashmore and BetaWorks John Borthwick. What’s the problem? Yo is getting eyeballs, and isn’t that the new bottom line?We understand that technology is at a point where the barrier to entry has dropped, and with it, it seems, so has our IQs. In an app-crazed, valuation crazed world, we’ve lost sight of the idea of tech being about innovation. Money is, again, ...
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Posted at 23:00h, 15 Jul 2014 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Good morning, All,First, our next Breakfast with an Angel is tomorrow morning. You can register here. . Tech is an industry that loves its catch phrases and paradigms of the day. “We’re disrupting (INSERT VERTICAL HERE)” or “We’re the Airbnb/Uber of (INSERT VERTICAL HERE).” All well and good, but and like it or not, Airbnb and Uber quietly changed something. They did more than just herald what we’re now misnaming the sharing economy. It’s more than that: they disrupted, they fixed, they make money, and they empower people. Which was always the promise of tech. They raised the bar. And they wrote the blueprint for the possibilities of tech. They built a better mousetrap.Uber didn’t really disrupt taxis. It disrupted car services – that’s the model, if you think about it. But they built a better mousetrap, and by extension, and disrupted taxis all over the world. Mistakes were made – an...
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billionaire investors ,so-called business leaders
Posted at 22:59h, 08 Jul 2014 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Good morning, All, Simple math. Let’s give basic post pubescents millions – if not billion – of dollars, fawning accolades in the press, not to mention from billionaire investors and so-called business leaders. You think all of this might go to their heads and they might get the idea that they’re not only bullet-proof, but […]
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set TV innovation back a decade
Posted at 22:59h, 01 Jul 2014 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Good morning, All,Two things happened last week to which attention must be paid. Aereo lost their right to exist, because, well, that’s the way court wanted it, since they pretty much ignored the facts and made their decision based on, that’s the way they wanted it. Aereo offered an “alternative to the bundle” that consumers are forced to accept from cable providers. (Why the Supreme Court just set TV innovation back a decade. The Supreme Court’s decision to kill Aereo was bad from a legal point of view — and downright horrible from a policy and innovation perspective.) The company ceased providing access to broadcast television as of this past Saturday. We’re reminded of Napster, which was...
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