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Good morning, All,Above you’ll notice that we have our first sponsored ad. If you find the service useful (they can help build your Minimum Viable Product), please do support a fellow SOS members and thank you so much! We personally do not own a tablet/iPad. We do consider them from time to time: they’re infinitely portable - we spend a lot of time on the move. But they do not offer the most important functions we need available on a computer, so came to the conclusion that it’s a half computer – pass, and claims of the death of the computer are wholly premature.Last week, we had an opportunity to test an early-stage Google Glass competitor. Beautiful design. Teeny tiny screen just above your left eye’s line of vision. (Remember when your parents told you not to sit too close to the television? ) It's too close and very distracting, a...
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Good morning, All, First, you’ll notice that we have our first sponsored ad – it’s one our SOS members! So, if you’ve been looking forever for a technical cofounder to help you build your MVP, click on the banner above, get it done, and support a fellow member and this newsletter!  And thank you so […]
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Good morning, All,We wrote a different editorial, before yesterday’s Boston bombings. It feels inappropriate to post it today. As someone who lives in a city that also suffered an attacked, I know how difficult it is and how incomprehensible it feels. Our hearts go out to the city of Boston and to those who were affected by the violence of yesterday’s events. Here is the link to Google’s Boston person finder and we sincerely hope that you and yours are safe. What struck us is that, amid the horror and the mayhem of yesterday’s bombings, and despite the uncertainty of not knowing whether more bombs would go off (several more were later found, undetonated), people ran towards the screams to help their fellow man. Nothing justifies an act of such wanton violence, and in the horror of such sudden devastation, one would think that the first reaction would be to flee. That did not happen yesterday in Copley...
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Good morning, All,Two things: first, a warning: college graduation is just around the corner and that means that a new crop of Millenials are heading our way. They’re not all the same although if you believe that the recent unemployment numbers have humbled the supremely entitled among them at all, newsflash: contrary to popular misconception on the part of many a millennial and in all fairness, not all, technical literacy does not fast-track you to the corner office. Oh, and you had me at hello: ‘unlimited days off and free lunches’ in the startup world? Not that we’ve noticed and while we’re on the subject, can we not pretend that we live in a parallel universe that revolves around each and every one of us?Ok, we’ve steered c...
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Good morning, All,Let’s all take a breath. Meaning, take a brief overview of what’s been going on lately: 1. A 17 year-old’s company was bought by Yahoo! for $30 million. Revenue: $0 Downloads: 1 million+. The app was disabled the day of the acquisition. Then there are the facts of the story that were not reported in this ‘remarkable’ story. Reality check: young Summly founder Nick d’Aloisio’s dad is a VP at Morgan Stanley. His mother is an attorney for a very prestigious law firm. Which helps to explain why Yoko Ono, Wendy Deng, Stephen Fry, Ashton Kutcher, Li Ka-shing, and other investors were so quick to fund it. He wasn’t just some kid coding from his bedroom in Wimbledon. 2. Y-Combinator just graduated its latest class of copycats startups: 47 companies, down from 66. Investors were unimpressed. 47? Really??? How do you mentor/accelerator 47 companies i...
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