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CrowdPitch is coming to NYC October 28th and it’s about connecting angels and entrepreneurs – deadline to submit: October 14 and it’s 100% free: free to pitch, free to just come watch – and free food, too! 5 to 6 entrepreneurs will have 4 minutes to pitch their company to both a panel of experts & a live audience, followed immediately by a 3-minute Q&A session with the audience. Finally, we unleash the panel of experts to offer up constructive feedback. The audience chooses the winner by investing ‘FUN’ money in the venture of their choice. Prizes: The winner gets $4,800 of services from the sponsors:
12 hour of financial & accounting services
$1,800 value

startup services
$2,500 value

web services
$500 value
For more information: http://bit.ly/c49j0y

Speaking of next week, Media Cross Media is October 12 (training) and 13 (conference) and we have a 20% discount code for SOS members. With ever-smarter portable devices, the line is blurring as to What is Mobile and What is Online. By 2013 more then 50% of web usage will occur via Mobile. This growth will require marketers and media companies to combine their approaches to mobile and online.

 ADObjects and InternetMarketingConference (IMC) have joined forces to bring this first in a series of unique mobile cross-media events that will discuss how Brand Marketers, Agencies, and Publishers can efficiently enter a strategy of mobile and online convergence. 

This must-attend event will answer critical questions that are key to your converged future.
 Hear from 30+ experts from leading companies including iCrossing, Insight Express, Google, MTV, Strawberry Frog and Tweetdeck as they cover major issues such as:

• How can I leverage a mobile strategy efficiently with my existing online resources?

• Should I not just design my existing website to be accessed by Mobile?

• Who are the best online partners to consider?

• How can I evolve my online customer acquisition and retention strategies for mobile?

• How to I manage analytics and social media strategies to include mobile?

• What should I do about transferring my online rich media assets and video to mobile?

• How do I incorporate my existing ecommerce strategies with mobile?

For more on the program or to register go to www.mediacrossmedia.com and your 20% off SOS discount/promo code MXMVIPBH

Find A Cofounder 3 is also coming up – early bird rate still available – and fyi, we’ve had quite a few potential technical co-founders already register. We know that they’re in high demand – and hard to find! We’ll also have speed networking to make it easier for you to find them and talk to them. RSVP: http://fac3.eventbrite.com.

And keep reading, especially if you’re living in or heading to the Lone Star State…we’ve posted some events happening in Texas next week.

Finally, something a little different today – cautionary tales. Not everyone in this industry becomes a multi gazillionaire, and it’s amazing what you can learn from losing. Chubbybrain.com has compiles the 25 Best Startup Failure Post-Mortems of All Time (http://bit.ly/cEXF2x) Actually, there are 32 tales, with Nate Westheimer’s and investor Roger Ehrenberg’s among them. Woulda coulda shoulda.

If you have help to give or want to offer your services, feel free to do that too. And keeping all of this in mind, onward and forward and help is on the way…

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