Our little island was flooded last week and, yes, I mean Manhattan. We don’t get away much (can’t you tell) and it sounds so much more exotic to call it that. And true!

Good morning, All, and if you’re a New Yorker – or not – and ready to get out of Dodge, even for a little while, how about a business trip to Buenos Aires? Because of the interest for the event and Argentina’s possibilities Philip from mappyfriends.com has decided to arrange a “Business” trip to Buenos Aires in November. We will be leaving Tuesday November 9th for a 12* day trip to the Paris of the South where he will personally ensure a great mix of entrepreneurial and leisure activities for the people joining us. It will be entrepreneurs week in Buenos Aires 15-20 and a Palermo Valley meetup is already planned on the 16th. We will visit certain key industry companies here and on request he will arrange for meetings with the companies you are looking for. And of course there will be soccer, Spanish, tango, art, music and a lot of steak! We will all stay in a Hotel in the Palermo neighborhood, the top design and culinary part of Buenos Aires. Apart from wifi in the hotel, we will have the use of a fully equipped office for you to use during your stay. Cost: between USD 1,750 – 2,500 per person, depending on departure date and lodging preferences. Note that this is not a commercial trip for him; it is about connecting with other entrepreneurs and sharing his Argentina experience. There is a 7 days alternative leaving November 14th. For more information, shoot him an e-mail philip@mappyfriends.com and he will set things up for you and/or give you advice on and customize any of your itinerary if you would like to stay longer or travel to different parts of Argentina.

If you decide you need to be on our little island here, well, great timing! It’s New York Entrepreneur Week, November 8 – 12. We’re giving you fair warning as there is a special discount for the SOS Community. Input code SOS345 for a limited time and receive 66% off the entire event!!! The discount – and the early bird rate (only 200 tickets available) are good until 10/15.

Hey, you know that old Danish saying: everything has an end, except for a sausage, which has two.

But it’s not over yet: ‘Find-A-Cofounder3’ is scheduled for October 19th. This time we’re going to get the Silicon Valley VC perspective. Our guest investor is Vishal Shah with GGV Capital, who recently relocated to NYC and has a different take on what investors look for. We’ll also have serial entrepreneus Joe Chin (sourcepad.com, Guidester -now Searchandise Commerce – et al) and Alex Jacobson, Developers get in free and will also be tagged at the event, and we’ll have their contact information available afterwards, to make those elusive potential technical cofounders easier to find. There will be a panel discussion; then we’ll hear from people who’ve successfully found their co-founders through this event. We’ll also do speed networking, so you can talk to several potential partners. Brought to you by Entrepreneurs Roundtable, StartupOneStop and Cozy Wallet. To register (early bird rate now available as well): http://fac3.eventbrite.com.

Applications are due this week for the Open Angel Forum. Open Angel Forum NYC is being held on 10/13 and applications are due this Thursday. Get your application in now.
And don’t forget that next Monday evening is CTO School, session 2. RSVP here: http://nextny.org/CTO-School-F2010, and pay attention: Remember – FAC3 will be the following week. Take good notes. Charlie O’Donnell has organized this, and he’ll also be speaking at NYU Startup Week, which is all this week. To register and for more information: http://techatnyu.com/nyu-startup-week

Finally, get your posts ready – need help? Have help to offer? Have an elevator pitch you want to make or beta testers to round up? We’re going back to our twice weekly schedule. We know why you’re here and not to worry: help is on the way…

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