Good morning, All, and good one, eh? Here’s the deal:

They’re still in closed beta, and have limited it to the first 200 startups/entrepreneurs who want to use it. To try the Funding Recommendation Engine:
1. Visit ChubbyBrain @ http://www.chubbybrain.com
2. In the invite code box, enter “startup1stop” (no quotes) and click the green button (Free! Get Started)
3. The Funding Recommendation Engine will then start

How the FRE works?
Investors often talk about “pattern matching” when they talk about assessing investments. The FRE is pattern matching in reverse. The reality is that past investment behavior is the best indicator of future behavior and so the FRE takes inputs about an entrepreneur’s business (industry, funding required, location, stage, experience of entrepreneur, etc) and then algorithmically matches those inputs with investors/funding institutions based on the investors’ actual investment history (not what their website says). The FRE uses data from CB Insights and culls through 8000 investors (VCs, angels, gov’t grant programs, family offices, pvt/growth equity, banks, etc) who’ve made at least one investment in a private company in the last 2 years to algorithmically assess fit with an entrepreneur’s venture.

Primary Benefits to Entrepreneurs
• Investor serendipity – Use FRE to uncover investors that entrepreneurs may have never have heard of or discovered. With 8000 investors in our database who’ve made at least one investment in the last 2 years, it’s fair to say that there are many new investors the FRE can uncover for an entrepreneur.
• Reverse due diligence – Arm entrepreneurs with information on investors so they can determine if that investor is suitable for them, i.e. have they invested in a competitor for example? Reducing the information asymmetry which currently exists is good for both entrepreneurs and investors as the right entrepreneurs pitching the right investors is a win for both sides.
• Efficiency – The FRE does the work of identifying investors that would otherwise take days/weeks and does it in 5 minutes

Don’t say we never gave you anything. (Who said that?)

Congratulations to openinvo.com who just got a great review on killerstartups.com. Here’s the write-up: http://bit.ly/bOOpmN. Make sure you check it out and vote early and often! Actually, we happen to like the idea personally and even wrote something for submission.

Lest the Californians feel forgotten – we’d never do that and there is useful info in here for all startups. It’s a blog written by a California-based startup/employment lawyer, and some of the entries cite California law. But we felt you all might find “Employment Law Tips for Start-Ups” helpful (submitted by one of our Cali-based members, and thanks for sharing), and, well, we’re here to help: http://bit.ly/d68kSh

We post industry events to this list and we realize that some are better than others. Some are even recurring. And – LOVE you people! – some of you have sent us emails sharing your experiences with various events, seminars, courses for budding entrepreneurs – both good and bad. We’re happy to share the feedback (and will, as more of you respond) – so keep those cards and letters coming in as your honestly is welcomed and appreciated – with the group at large. And happy to keep your reviews anonymous, if you prefer.

In the meantime, you’re always welcome to post your wants/needs/elevator pitches/questions on startuponestop.com and for those of you who did just that this week, help is on the way…

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