The Things We Think and Do Not Say: James Damore and that Jerry Maguire Moment
Posted at 8:00h, 15 Aug 2017 in List Archive by Bonnie Halper No Comments Share
Erstwhile Google employee James Damore’s memo struck a chord in both camps involved in the current culture war. The real problem that the tech oligarchs and their media mouthpieces are having: it shines a light on the Silicon Valley echo chamber, much the same way that the recent New York Times article (Women in Tech Speak Frankly on Culture of Harassment) did the sexual harassment/misconduct that is so rampant in that same tech oasis by the bay.
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Think Bigger
Posted at 8:00h, 01 Aug 2017 in Advice by Bonnie Halper No Comments Share
We hear startup proposals from entrepreneurs – many of whom are Millenials and this is not a swipe at Millenials at all, not to worry – and oftimes their ideas include a social good component. We have nothing against social good – au contraire – and often, no matter what the full platform/pain-point solution, the […]
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When the Numbers Don’t Add Up, Everything Counts
Posted at 8:00h, 25 Jul 2017 in Amazon by Bonnie Halper No Comments Share
The word ‘anti-trust’ has been brought up frequently of late when it come to the tech behemoths. In the age of online, it’s not simply about the detriment to consumers, but to businesses and verticals as well. Is anyone truly Amazon-proof anymore?
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The Titans of Tech Went to Sun Valley and All They Brought Me Was this Lousy Hashtag
Posted at 8:00h, 18 Jul 2017 in Distruption by Bonnie Halper No Comments Share
The tech leaders are always the first ones out there fighting for immigrants’ rights, organizing rallies and protests. But when women are sexually harassed and assaulted in the hallowed halls of Silicon Valley, the best they’re able to muster is a hashtag,
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Silicon Valley Sexism and the Word No One Mentions
Posted at 8:00h, 11 Jul 2017 in List Archive by Bonnie Halper No Comments Share
Did anyone else notice that the word ‘misogyny’ was never once mentioned in any of the articles reporting on this issue? We certainly know that the word is in the vocabulary of the New York Times as well as the tech press.
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