TIme for the End of an Error
Posted at 8:00h, 25 Apr 2017 in Distruption by Bonnie Halper No Comments Share
Much attention has been paid lately to the ‘bad players’ of technology. The Atlantic asked, Is the Silicon Valley Dynasty Coming to an End? Ethical lapses at some of the tech industry’s biggest companies suggest a chilling reality of what really matters in the world’s most rollicking economy, while Business Insider reported yet another Uber […]
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A Handy Guide to the Language of Tech
Posted at 8:00h, 18 Apr 2017 in Advice by Bonnie Halper No Comments Share
Here is the technology industry/startup world’s list of overused words and expressions, which you may want to consider avoiding or rethinking...
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SiliCon Men
Posted at 8:00h, 04 Apr 2017 in List Archive by Bonnie Halper No Comments Share
Now, that’s a book we’d like to see written and we do want credit for the title. Dan Lyons put Silicon Valley’s bro culture back on the radar, and speaking of bro culture, Alicia Syrett (Pantegrion Capital) once referenced an article where two identical resumes were submitted to a hiring manager, one under a male […]
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The Rise and Demise of the On Demand Economy
Posted at 8:00h, 28 Mar 2017 in Advice by Bonnie Halper No Comments Share
There's no such thing as a free ride. Or a get out of jail free card, because you're too big to fail.
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And the Participation Award Goes To…
Posted at 8:00h, 21 Mar 2017 in Advice by Bonnie Halper No Comments Share
The plates are shifting, and it’s not the same world that it was in the dotcom days. Markets are volatile, yet they do offer instant liquidity, and investors are overwhelmed by so many startups building businesses that don’t scale – or don’t offer a ROI. Hype no longer sells. Is the Digital Downturn upon us?
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