To Market, to Market
Posted at 8:00h, 10 Jan 2017 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
New years always herald prognostications from all quarters (comes with the territory) and of course 2017 is no exception. CB Insights noted that 2016 was not a good year in unicorn land & 7 Unicorns Stumbled, and that it looks grim for 2017. In fact, they noted, deals to unicorns were lower last year than […]
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The Top 10 Whines of 2016
Posted at 8:00h, 27 Dec 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
2016 was not an easy year. It was one in which emotions ran high – to put it mildly. This considered, we decided to pay homage to some of those emotions and one thing is certain: it was definitely a vintage year for whines. While there might be a preponderance of Silicon Valley people, places […]
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The Things to Do in December Edition
Posted at 8:00h, 29 Nov 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Due to the holidays, no editorial this week. Do hope you enjoyed yours, and a heads up: It’s the holiday party season, a time when things supposedly slow down, but do they really?  Reminder: it’s a very good time to get out there and meet new people – some of whom may be able to […]
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And the Number 1 Deal-Killer Question in Tech Is…
Posted at 8:00h, 15 Nov 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Full disclosure: the subject of today’s newsletter comes at the request of a number of investors, advisors and startup consultants whom we know. We all know the old tech adage: if you want money, ask for advice. If you want advice, ask for money. Some entrepreneurs genuinely do want advice, especially from a consultant, advisor […]
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Yahoo, Twitter and Inside Baseball
Posted at 8:00h, 18 Oct 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
We came across this piece that we just had to share: I’m Done Pretending SF Tech Is Visionary Welcome to Silicon Valley. We’re smart enough to solve real problems, but we don’t. Again, it reminded us of Startup L. Jackson’s reference to Silicon Valley as assisted living for the young, and truth be told, we now […]
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