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Since taking on the position as Editor in Chief at AlleyWatch, we’ve gotten any number of press releases in any given week. Same when we were in the music business. Press releases are fairly boilerplate. Which means that they becomes white noise. Which is why most press releases, especially from new/unknowns are routine and summarily ignored.

How many versions of your deck/executive summary/talking points have you written? The point is to capture the attention of the investor, hopefully in the first sentence and essentially in the first slide or two. Essentially, for you, or you’ve pretty much lost them.  Newsflash: the same holds true for your press release. Don’t tell us how excited you are to have INSERT NAME HERE on as WHO CARES? Tell me a story. In other words, pretty much write the press release as if you are writing the article itself. Not that reporters are lazy: just that if you tell a good story, and a compelling one, you are much more like to get their attention/intrigue them to follow up with you and maybe even give you a bit of press. We realize that press releases have been written a certain way since time in memoriam. That doesn’t mean that it works and if you’re going that route, you’d better have a great PR firm behind you, in which case, they’d have written the press release themselves and that doesn’t mean you have to accept the status quo and sign off on it: if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. You need an angle. If you don’t have an angle – that thing that differentiates you as having something besides just another company launch announcement – you don’t have a story. Not one that’s likely to be readily picked up, anyway.

Write your press release – or make sure it’s written – in a way that’s going to grab the reporter; that’s going to make them want to tell your story, because it’s a good story. And if it’s a slow news day and the reporter is looking for something interesting to write about, your story just might rise to the top of the heap. But if it’s just another boilerplate press release, it may well go no farther. End of story. Literally. Onward and forward.


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For you edification this week:

9 key things to mention when pitching your software startup. Note that one of the points is: craft a story. As we were saying…
Since we’re on the subject. Startup PR Tip: To Get Press, Don’t Pitch Your Product

The Definitive Guide to Getting Venture Capital. VC firms and their specialties included.

The Dreamer’s Dilemma: Prevent Your Dreams from Turning into Nightmares. “They had written off the Tesla Roadster as a niche product for techno-geeks (another shout-out to the audience) but we’ve moved beyond that,” Elon said.. “After the Roadster, so many people called bullshit on the Model S it was ridiculous, but then we brought it to market. Then they said you’ll never make a profit, and then we did that. So I hope they will observe there is a trend here. “

How Women Angels And Entrepreneurs Are Beating Investment Odds. Bonus, female investors who are more likely to invest in female led businesses and some will take a board seat as well.

Anyone Can Read Your Old Emails: It’s The Law! Our question is: when did this stop being a government of the people, by the people, for the people and thank you, Abe Lincoln (Gettysburg Address, in case you’ve forgotten).

Airbnb remains illegal in NYC, with one host fined $2,400. Summer’s here and so is vacation time. If you’re considering renting out your place while you’re away, proceed with caution. NYC is just not as tech-saavy as the hype would lead you to believe. One step forward, two steps back.

In case you haven’t yet seen Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report, always an interesting read.

Elevator Pitch/Member News
Hint, hint: Feel free to tell us what you’re working on, or if you’ve been featured in the press…Share, and we will, too!

Congratulations to our friends at Stray Boots, who were mentioned in the New York Times this past week, and kudos, guys! Let’s Play: Making Travel a Game

Father’s Day is coming and we’re giving you some lead time this time. Yes, we do have our healthy, unbelievably luxurious yet low calories, low fat and vegan bonniefoods.com truffles – bonus 25% more when you mention SOS when ordering and thank you! Full selection is here, and of course, you’re welcome to order cookies, too.

For your amusement this week:  Last week, in case you missed it, we featured: Nicolas Tesla Pitches to VCs. Time for Nikolas Tesla pitching to investors, part 2.  Also, a giant meteor just sailed past our little planet, so here’s a bit of earth science to break up the week.

That’s it from us for now. And now, as always, help is on the way…

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