Good morning, All, and seriously. We heard a story last week – and no, it’s
not one of those Tall Tales from the Alley. It came from a trusted source.
So, when Boxee was first pitching Fred Wilson, Fred said no. Undeterred,
what Boxee did was to update Fred monthly of their progress. Of course, the
return email was always ‘N-O.’ This went on for 18 months, until there came
that one update from Boxee, and Fred said ‘Yes!’

Which confirms what we’ve always believed since earliest childhood: that
‘No’ is an acronym and think about it. When you were a kid and your parents
said No, it was always ‘N-O, no!’ Not once did they say, ‘well, dear, of
course that’s a Yes, Y-E-S, Yes!’

Never happened.

So, I started suspecting that N-O was an acronym for ‘not ordinarily.’ And
having heard that Boxee story, well, just goes to show you that we were on
to something, yea, even at a tender age – and that entrepreneurs out there
should not be deterred by a mere acronym.

Hopefully that will serve as your Inspiration of the Week – now go out there
and do us proud!

Something new today – we’re listing events of interest in New York, Boston
and Silicon Valley, since you all are the ones we hear from the most. Other
cities? Let us know and happy to oblige, where and when we can.

Also, since it’s summer and happy summer to you – we may only do one blast a
week. Although, readership is up, we’ve noticed, so tell us what you think
and we’re happy to help twice a week through the summer, if you prefer. And
speaking of help, yes, it IS on the way…

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