Good morning, All,

Ok, a few weeks ago, SAI reported that NYC VCs were outpacing SV VCs in investments. Yesterday, they reported that the Valley’s day in the sun is over, thanks to two angel investors from Chicago who helped found Groupon and Mediabank. If you’d like to read on: http://bit.ly/agcJMV And they’re looking for more investments. Midwest-based members, definitely worth a read.

Speaking of angels, and since Thursday seems to be becoming the

different-kind-of-help day, here’s a list of the top angel investors in the

world: http://angel.co.

This last item is just for fun and nothing wrong with a bit of fun: We

shared the Boxee story with you on Tuesday, and for those of you who need

(even) more encouragement, this is in the vein of VCs who’ve blown it big

time (shocking, we know, to hear that VCs are not infallible). It’s the

Bessemer anti-portfolio: the companies in which they did not invest, whose

phenomenal success, in Bessemer’s words, “inspires us in our ongoing

endeavors to build growing businesses. Or, to put it another way: if we had

invested in any of these companies, we might not still be working.” If you

don’t have time to follow the link, their ‘what were we thinking, or

smoking’ list includes Apple Computer, Ebay, Google and HP. To name a few.

HATE that: http://bit.ly/CbTv

Finally, kudos to list member Richie Hecker for shaking up the tech world a

bit last week with his purchase of Bebo from AOL. He’s been a bit too busy

to report it himself.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and in the meantime, help is on the way…

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