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Speaking of independence, make sure to read the first post – yes, the telcos and cable companies are at it again (and we won’t even get into the internet kill switch) trying to control what you do online. FYI, there is a category for small businesses and from what we’ve been told, the prizes are going to be great. They want authentic users voices and hoping some of you out there decide to go for it and showcase your talents. Jacob. For one. And you Cali-based members – we know some of you work in entertainment.

Since the week following July 4th is the biggest vacation week of the year (true), we’ll most likely only do one mailing next week. Some of you have asked us to hold off on your posts until after that anyway but we know that the startup world (almost) never takes off – or sleeps – so happy to accommodate anyone and everyone we can – where and when possible.

Congratulation to Paul Lewis (http://www.startmeup-ny.com/) who has successfully posted here and whose new venture was just written up in the Westchester County Business Journal: http://bit.ly/cpYWJ9

Don’t forget that today is Social Media Day (again) and go to http://www.meetup.com/mashable/ for the event near you. Mashable is giving away a Sony Dash. For more information on how to win, please visit http://bit.ly/cBi2C5. They’ll pick and announce the winner today!

The Mean Fiddler
West 47th Street New York, NY

We want to wish you all a wonderful and safe Independence Day, and before you take off for points unknown – or not – no worries: help is on the way…

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