And when did they start taking the rum out of fruitcake? I guess they figured no one really eats fruitcake any, so why waste the run, but it’s just not the same.

Well, the holidays are upon us and yes, it has slowed down out there – which is why we’re only doing a couple of posts. A lot of people are away, or leaving soon, and we’re doing this in all fairness to our posters. There’s a definitely correlation between the party schedule having picked up and work having slowed down. Basic math.

Speaking of parties, I said there’d be a holiday party and there is: the bootup/New York Technology Community holiday party is Monday evening – and SOS is actually one of the unofficial sponsors. I’m supposed to be one of the speakers, but I DON’T believe there’s enough tequila in the room for that to actually happen… Register at http://www.bootup.io/holiday-party

And now, help is on the way…

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