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First, it’s that time again – our next Find A Cofounder is now scheduled for February 6th, with Charlie O’Donnell (Brooklyn Bridge Ventures), Mac Lipscomb (New York Angels), Jeff Zerofsky (‘wichcraft) and Cheryl Yeow (City Pockets). Besides this panel of investors and entrepreneurs, each startup will get a chance to pitch their idea to the crowd to maximize their chances of finding the right person for their startup. Register here: http://fac8.eventbrite.com/ and speaking of launching a new company, yes, we will be bringing along our low fat, healthy cookies and truffles for you to sample and purchase. Product catalog here: http://bit.ly/AuakzX No, we haven’t officially launched yet but still, marketing. So important, eh?

Jack Dorsey was 30 when he launched twitter, which is to say that he had some life experience before founding a company that would have a major impact on the global landscape. We mention this because of last week’s announcement that twitter would remove content, on a country by country basis. The company went on to say that they would also “give ourselves the ability to reactively withhold content from users in a specific country — while keeping it available in the rest of the world. We have also built in a way to communicate transparently to users when content is withheld, and why.” (Tweets still must flow: http://bit.ly/A4KhF6) Larry Page and Sergei Brin, and Mark Zuckerberg founded Google and Facebook right out of school (yes, we know Zuck pulled a Gates never graduated) and built global companies without the benefit of having developed world views, and give no thought to the personal rights or privacy of their users. All your base are belong to us? This may well be their Achilles heel. (Google, Facebook, Privacy — And You: http://tcrn.ch/y7kl6O 7 Big Privacy Concerns For New Facebook and Open Graph (http://on.mash.to/zmSgXc). We leave you with this from Mark Birch: Twitter Censorship and Misplaced Outrage. And he’s right: twitter is being completely transparent and they’re far from being the evil empire. As he says in closing, “If we want to direct our anger, we would be better off focusing it on the real perpetrators of censorship.  And you do not have to look much farther than our own government and old guard, incumbent industries that look upon technology as more of a threat or a mystical art rather than the source of innovation, the savior of our economy, and a bastion of freedom worldwide.” http://bit.ly/xnFhKv Take note, Larry, Sergei and Mark as you so readily relinquish everyone’s privacy without any regard at all to the big picture – or the long term consequences. You won’t be on top forever and some day the very policies you implement today may well come back to bite you in the proverbial. Time to grow up, boys  – and stop playing firemen with each other. Onward and forward.


inSiteNY, deadline Febrary 1st: InSITE sources startup companies from the New York area who are seeking to raise Venture Capital or Angel financing. We neither focus on a particular industry nor do we have a quota for industry and business types. Company submissions are evaluated by a committee of InSITE members and selected based on broad criteria. For more information and to apply: http://bit.ly/pEgEAq

Hacker School is a three-month, full-time school in New York for becoming a better programmer. We’re free as in beer, and provide space, a little structure, time to focus, and a friendly community of smart builders dedicated to self-improvement. We value free software, beautiful code, personal growth, and shipping. The third batch will take place from February 13th to May 3rd. For more information and to apply: http://www.hackerschool.com/

WIM Accelerator, Deadline February 1st. Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) is the first startup accelerator and mentorship-driven program designed for women-founded companies in mobile technology. WIM’s goal is to provide women entrepreneurs with the guidance, feedback and connections needed to make their startups best in class companies and formidable business concerns. Our companies will receive $18,000 in funding, free office space, product development and design support, mobile-marketing promotions, and access to an incredible network of mentors, funders and advisors. In exchange for our investment and services, we receive a 6% equity stake in each company.  For more information and to apply:  http://womeninnovatemobile.com/ From the WSJ, A Start-Up Program for Women in Mobile Tech: http://on.wsj.com/vErQhp

Startup Weekend EDU is coming to NYC February 3-5th to launch startups and transform education. To learn more and register for this technology-driven revolution in education, visit http://nycedu.startupweekend.org

NEW Astia’s Global Entrepreneur Program  Call for Applications, deadline February 4th. The Entrepreneur Program is a transformative program designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who want to become dominant players in their sectors. The format? A comprehensive 6–day workshop, 2–month program of personalized advising from premier experts and the opportunity to start benefiting from the global ecosystem of angels, VCs, corporations, and entrepreneurs that is Astia. Who should apply? Exceptional women-led high growth start-ups who know that success is not just about raising money but about growing a business and thriving even in today’s tough market. For more information and to apply: http://bit.ly/x1uQmb

businessweek is looking for America’s most promising social entrepreneurs, deadline February 9th. The idea is to find and report on business ventures that advance a social or environmental mission and aim to turn a profit. For more information and to apply: http://buswk.co/zWbf20

Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam, deadline February 12th. We provide seed investment, 6-months of office space, 99 mentors, daily coaching by serial entrepreneurs in residence and a 3-week road-trip to Silicon Valley. Teams receive a maximum of €17,000 per team and 6 months of free office space in return for 8 percent of equity. The accelerator program operates for 3 months. For more information and to apply: http://bit.ly/vWpBqW

NXTP LABS/TechStars Argentina deadline 13 de Febrero – and that’s the extent of our Spanish. For more information and to apply: http://bit.ly/rYcDfN

NEW youngStartup Ventures will be hosting VC Outlook NYC|2012on February 16th, an exclusive cocktail reception which will be a gathering of cutting edge startups with active VCs, Private Investors, Corporate VCs and Strategic Service Firms. This unique forum will feature Entrepreneur & Investor Face 2 Face “speed pitch” meetings, a VC panel discussion as well as high-level networking opportunities. And the investor world is pretty well represented here. For more information and to register: http://www.youngstartup.com/VCO12/overview.php

NEW Heads up, Australia and NZ:UK Trade and Investment Go UK business competition with over 100k in prizes, deadline February 17th. For more information: http://bit.ly/w3rBWk. To enter: http://bit.ly/AvYVfZ

DEMO Spring 2012, application deadline February 17th.  DEMO Spring 2012, the launchpad for emerging technology and trends, is returning to Silicon Valley April 17-19, 2012 and we have many exciting new reasons to attend and launch!  www.demo.com
DEMO Innovation Tour- Announcing Dates/Locations:
DEMO comes to Palo Alto, Boulder, Boston and Austin in February and March in search of the best innovation to showcase at DEMO Spring 2012, April 17-19, Hyatt Regency Silicon Valley. Apply today for a meeting spot and you or your client will have an opportunity to meet with Matt Marshall, DEMO Executive Producer, members from the DEMO and VCs to get candid feedback on your pitch and make investment connections.
DEMO and Foundry Group – February 8, 2012- Boulder, CO
DEMO Meet-up- February 8, 2012 in Boulder, CO at T-Zero Lounge, 6-8 p.m.
DEMO and Kleiner Perkins- February 9, 2012- Palo Alto, CA
DEMO and Atlas Venture- February 14, 2012- Boston, MA
DEMO and SXSW- March 11, 2012- Austin, TX

DEMO Innovation Tour- www.demo.com/innovationtour
No Barrier to Entry: Apply to Launch or Pitch at DEMO Spring 2012 and take advantage of our new pricing and scholarship program opportunities. Application Deadline: February 17, 2012.Over the next few months, we’ll be in touch with conference updates, speakers and more! To apply to Launch or Register to Attend: www.demo.com

NEW Vimeo Festival and Awards, deadline February 20th. Category Prizes: $5,000 (there are quite a few). Grand Prize: $25,000. For more information and to enter: https://vimeo.com/awards

NEW DreamIt Israel, deadline February 22nd. DreamIt is only interested in ideas that can turn into a product in three months. DreamIt Ventures will take a 6% passive equity stake in the companies in exchange for up to $25,000 in funding, mentorship, and access to early-stage capital. For more information and to apply:  http://www.dreamitventures.com/apply/ There’s also a piece on the program in the press section below.

Win a VIP Trip to SXSW, deadline February 24th. Yeah, thought you’d like this one: http://bit.ly/wTXVdT

Applications for the DreamIt NYC Summer 2012 program are now open.  Final deadline: March 16th, but note: there is a definite advantage to applying early, as it results in the application getting  more attention (and possibly early admittance).
-the program runs from May-August 2012 in NYC
-accepted companies get seed money (typically $20-25,000), office space, free legal and accounting services, and access to a who’s who list of advisors and mentors (http://www.dreamitventures.com/team/advisors.php)
For more information and to apply: http://www.dreamitventures.com/apply/.

The Appy Awards – enter once and you could win twice. Deadline March 21, but any entry you submit today may also be selected as our “Featured App of the Week“, scoring you some seriously instant gratification. And we doesn’t love that? For more information and to enter – any time – http://appyawards.net/

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For you edification this week:

Speaking of find a cofounder, now there’s FounderSoup: Stanford and Andreessen’s New Startup Generator. At the inaugural event, 4 teams discovered co-founders and 2 went on to receive funding. “More universities and cities should look to copy the FounderSoup model,” says TechCrunch.  “It’s simple, cheap, and in a school’s interest.” Full article here: http://tcrn.ch/wctYLS and students/recent grads are welcome to our FAC on Feb 6. Just don’t forget to bring your world view.

An issue that’s not going away: ACTA: Worse Than SOPA and PIPA. “For now, the largest online protest in Internet history got Congress to abandon SOPA and PIPA but not permanently. Expect resurrection in modified form. Language may change but not intent. ACTA’s worse.” For a global rundown on ACTA and it’s far-reaching consequences, read on: http://sjlendman.blogspot.com/ * (Saturday, January 28, 2012)

And don’t forget to sign this petition: Please Submit ACTA to the Senate for Ratification as Required by the Constitution for Trade Agreements. Yes, Obama is trying to bypass Congress – and the Constitution, so please make sure to sign this petition – and spread the word – while we still have a voice: http://bit.ly/xbr3PK

“In 2012, I will only support candidates who stand for Internet freedom and who oppose the PROTECT IP Act and SOPA. I will work against any candidate, of any party, who votes to censor and stifle the Internet.” We repeat this from last week because Congress really isn’t concerned with under-30s, since under-30s, whom they feel are the only ones out there protesting SOPA and PIPA, historically don’t vote. So, under 30’s, time to make it perfectly clear: Contact your representatives and tell them that you are watching – and voting.

This was forwarded by an SOS member and speaking of the truth comes out eventually (we hope): No Need to Panic About Global Warming As the article states – and there are 16 notable scientists supporting it: there’s no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to ‘decarbonize’ the world’s economy. Every candidate should support rational measures to protect and improve our environment, but it makes no sense at all to back expensive programs that divert resources from real needs and are based on alarming but untenable claims of “incontrovertible” evidence. We agree, and let’s not forget that climate change activist Al Gore made (another) fortune on this issue and yes, may be time to return that Oscar and Nobel Prize, Al:  http://on.wsj.com/xK33Pi

From SOS member Howard Greenstein: Ta-da! Timing the Perfect Product Release. We’re living in a world of beta tests and products that are released and then improved. How do you know when you’re done and it’s time to ship? Three entrepreneurs give their advice: http://bit.ly/wZz2hD

DreamIt Incubator Moves Beyond NY And Philly To Israel. DreamIt managing partner Mitchell Golner, who has nearly two decades of high-tech industry experience, is in charge of the Israeli venture. The new program will fund up to five Israeli startups who want to penetrate the United States. And don’t forget that the deadline for the New York program is coming up. For the full story on the Israeli expansion,  http://bit.ly/y5RKTy

What are Angel Investors Looking for this Year? You know the drill. Fill a need, but some good suggestions for you: http://bit.ly/xMn0jm

Tips for Entrepreneurs from a First Year VC. We always appreciate advice from someone who has sat on both sides of the table. You know, entrepreneurs & operators who become venture capitalists thus “trading in their blue light sabers for red ones.” http://bit.ly/AwyevK

The Startup Skill Set. Crib notes for you, from Lean Camp, London. You may not have all of the skills, or have the ability to be all things to all people, but “Being at least baseline-competent in all the skills on this list will markedly decrease the chances that you screw up your first business in a really obvious and easy to avoid way.” http://bit.ly/xJl8Yf

Google Math: This post on Google+ statistics is a billion* times better than any other post. Google may have at least once been good with algorithms but it seem with math, well, not so much. Oh, if only they believed what they originally set out to do and used their powers for good instead of evil: http://bit.ly/y26bJ7

That Was Fast: Betaworks Returns All Capital… And Then Some. Betaworks is a platform that accelerates early-stage company building. Our “secret sauce” is not easy to replicate, as it comes from an intensive hands-on approach to studio companies, deep knowledge of social media from many years of experience, and leverage gained by a network of investments in the space. We believe we are entering a new era in on-line innovation and, as is so often the case, the companies and the structures that led the last round of innovation will not lead this round. We believe beta works is uniquely positioned to build assets that define the next chapter of the Internet.” It’s not a fund, and it’s not an incubator. It’s a company that takes ideas and develops them in hyper-speed to become other companies that are put out into the world. It’s analogous to how a movie studio puts out films – and for those of you thinking of starting accelerators out there, take note and read on: http://bit.ly/y4I3Vv

That’s it from us this week, except this little chuckle on Sh*t Silicon Valley says: http://on.mash.to/zgYcWb  Hope to see you at our Find A Cofounder event on Monday and until then, as always, help is on the way…

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