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It’s that time when everyone is making prognostications about the new year, and it’s something we tend to studiously avoid. This year, we’re making an exception, given what we’ve been seeing lately:

–       Fred Wilson touting the enterprise as the New Black
–       Fred Wilson pointing out that he’d made no investment in 2012 (his associates did)
–       The claims that Series A is dead – or at least a lot harder to get to (The Series A Crunch Survivor’s Guide. Just in case: http://bit.ly/WpO5WW)

This will be the Year of the Entrepreneur and we’ll explain: For years, VCs have invested in companies that have gotten high market awareness/traction in a very short amount of time and were seeing huge valuations on their investments, never mind that the companies were not making a dime, or at best, barely enough to cover operating costs. Fine, but at some point, entrepreneurs must realize that a startup is a company; a company is a business, and the purpose of a business is to make money, usually by selling something, be it goods or services. Henry Ford sold cars and you could get one in any color you desired, as long as it was black. For those of us who live in New York – like that would have been a problem. Back to our story: Facebook is under pressure to turn the behemoth into a business, so what did they do? Instagram changed their terms of service and gave themselves the right to sell your pictures, whether you liked it/agreed to it/were aware of it or not. Of course, there was a great hue and cry, not to mention something of an exodus from the service, so they back peddled: it seems we just all ‘misunderstood’ and that was never their intention at all and lest we forget, facebook owns instagram and facebook has always held itself to the very highest ethics. The era of eyes-only, referring to the ‘importance’ of gaining huge traction in a short amount of time, is over. There are feet attached to those eyeballs: piss off your users, and they’ll walk.

Speaking of having exclusive rights to your photos: we all know what happened when Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Mark, posted a family picture to her FB page, and someone tweeted it. She went ballistic, as it was a private photo, not meant for general distribution (Yes, Randi Zuckerberg, Please Lecture Us About ‘Human Decency’: http://bit.ly/RSw0W2). Then again, Facebook is a study in bad/shady behavior:  Facebook Under Siege: Will It Ever Grow Up? Why Can’t Mark Zuckerberg’s Aging Startup Learn to Play Well with Others? http://bit.ly/XfMXru

For years we’ve been marveling at the quick ascensions of the ubercompanies headed by wunderkinds who couldn’t get served at McDonald’s without being carded. But have you noticed that some of them are tanking even more quickly then they rose? Fast in/fast out, the expression goes, but VCs have long been focused on the quick payout: they don’t want to leave their money languishing for years while the entrepreneur does the slow and steady build, even though it is slow and steady that traditionally wins the race.

Which is why we’re positing that this will be the Year of the Entrepreneur and that the Day of the Dilettante may well be done. Build a company with a product that people will pay for, in some form or another. You may not even need a Series A – or better, the investors will come to you.

One last point as we all go forward into this new year: if you do have a successful business and paying customers, don’t change the model/features. We use linkedin as a prime example. Some time around the end of the year, they changed their look – and a number of their features. We know that technologies change and upgrades are par for the course, but this was not about that: We are personally a paying linked member, and lately we’ve been beseeched with offers to upgrade. Given its latest iteration, not something we’re likely to do any time soon or ever. Linkedin is not what it used to be, and we are much more likely to downgrade, if anything – which means it might be time for disruption in their vertical, namely, a social network targeting business.

Pivots are not always necessary and change is not always good. Ford is still in business and still selling a number cars and trucks – in black. And someone still has yet to build a better mousetrap. Or a truly workable, profitable social network. The economic outlook is not rosy and bright: people are looking for ways to save money. Online is all about disintermediation. And entrepreneurs will always push forward, no matter what. Remember: Google launched in a space that Yahoo absolutely owned at the time, and did so in a bad economy, no less. It’s a new year and clean slate and no better time to go onward and forward.


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Speakers will include Clayton Christensen (Innovator’s Dilemma), Mark Suster (Both Sides of the Table), George Zachary (Charles River Ventures), Brad Feld (Foundry Group), Bing Gordon (KPCB), Steve Blank, Ben Huh (Cheezburger Network), Jeff Clavier (SoftTech VC), Leah Busque (TaskRabbit), and many more being announced soon. SOS member Perri Gorman will be on of the moderators – and she’s very good. That we can tell you from personal experience.
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I don’t care about crowded markets. Online search was crowded before Google showed up. Anyone remember Geocities or Ask Jeeves? MySpace was ruling social networking till Facebook came along. It’s how much better you are than alternatives that matter: http://bit.ly/106ehhq

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Hiring old people: The dangerous but necessary steroids of the startup world. Yeah, ageism doesn’t exist in this industry. Notice the word choice: ‘Old?’ It should be ‘experienced,’ and they can be a life saver. Or a company saver: http://bit.ly/ViZuI2

How to Fundraise: A Generic Lesson From a Lady Who’s Had Some Success but is not at all an Expert Part One; I’m Scared. Advice from a newbie, in two parts, and PS: she got funded:  http://gogetemgrl.com/how-to-fundraise-pt-one/

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Application are now being accepted for  500 Startups Coworking in NYC. You don’t have to be a portfolio company. Desks are $500/month. For more information and to apply: http://bit.ly/UQYRIM

That’s it from us this week  Working on scheduling our first event of the year and should have that information to you next week, so stay posted.  And yes, we will tweet it as well, once all is finalized. Until then, as always, help is on the way…

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