And then it hits and it all comes back to us, what, eh? And to the non-New Yorkers in sunnier climes (that haven’t unexpectedly been hit by snow) – lucky you!

Good morning, All, and just a few posts today, although I need to mention something. Lately, I’ve gotten emails from a few of you that you’ve been unsubscribed by our hosted mail server. It wasn’t me, and my apologies. If you just resubscribe, they don’t seem to do it a second time. WHEW.

It’s Social Media Week in NYC and if any out-of-towners on the list happen to be in the city for it – we’d love to meet you! Ping me and I’m sure low-key drinks can be arranged.

Also, if any of you have technology startups you’d like to share with the list, and include some sort of perk to SOS members, we’d love to share. For those of you who email me because they’d like to post their elevator pitch – post it as you would any other post and just let us know it’s an elevator pitch. Although, hopefully, it’ll be obvious, so feel free to go for it!

For now, help is on the way…

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