On March 18, the iBreakfast and iEvening are launching Job Generation, a new program that turns the start-up pitching concept on its head. Instead of entrepreneurs asking gray-haired executives for funding, those same executives are now asking the young kids for jobs – while profit-driven venture capitalists assist as matchmakers.

The goals of this real-world exercise are to generate jobs and grow companies. ‘Job Generation’ also alludes to the pressing need for two generations to come together if the US is to remain competitive globally; for young entrepreneurs with great ideas to be mashed up with senior executives with business experience. Think Google, which might have been nothing more than a couple of smart guys with a cool algorithm had it not been for the arrival of Eric Schmidt.

Job Generation accelerates the kickstarting process by giving senior executives an opportunity to showcase their talents while also giving start-ups a forum to get feedback from experienced business people. It’s a sort of ‘Shark Tank’ in reverse, where the kids with their new ideas have the power, and the seniors have to do the asking.

(And yes, you do have to be home by 1 am and I don’t care if you just got $10 million in funding. A curfew is a curfew. And make your bed!)

Whatever. See www.ibreakfast.com for details and for your SOS list member 30% discount, email sos@ibreakfast.com. Hope to see you there!

Until then, help is on the way…

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