It doesn’t always rain pennies from heaven. Why don’t meteorologists rate rainstorms – or Nor’easterns, like the one we just had here on the eastern seaboard – on, say, an umbrella scale of one to five? Give a little extra warning of what we’re up against out there? I went through three umbrellas over the weekend. Technically, two. The third one managed to weather the winds. Just a thought.

Announcement: The Levin Institute was awarded the contract to deliver the Kauffman FastTrac Program to New York City residents for a second year! Therefore, applications for the April GrowthVenture and NewVenture programs are now open and available at http://www.nyc.gov/fasttrac ! FastTrac New Venuture is designed to help budding entrepreneurs shape their business ideas and prepare to create/finalize their business plans. FastTrac GrowthVenture is designed to help leaders of existing operating businesses review and reshape their business models to adapt to the challenges they face in the current economic climate. Each class is staffed by entrepreneurs serving as program facilitators, business coaches, and guest speakers. New Venture runs twice weekly for 3 weeks (9am – 4pm), and Growth Venture runs twice weekly for four weeks (half-day evening sessions from 5-9pm). Business leaders can apply directly online by following the links below:

FastTrac GrowthVenture for NYC small businesses http://www.fasttrac.org/nygv.cfm?eventID=1415&CFID=22859452&CFTOKEN=42851918
For more information, please visit http://www.nyc.gov/fasttrac

If anyone on the list has any information about programs helpful to entrepreneurs and startups, please do feel free to send them along and we’ll post them. And thanks!

For now, as always, help is on the way…

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