Good morning, All, and today, a short message from our sponsor – me.

We know the blast gets passed around to people whom you feel can help – or who needs some aid and assistance – and that’s fabulous. Friendors are the new vendors, after all (gotta love the patois that springs up around the online economy). Back to our story: We’ve been getting a number of posting lately from people who aren’t on our list, but who get the blast nonetheless. Simple rule: you want to help? Great! You want to post? Join. Ir’s free and posting is also free to members . If you don’t want to join, that’s fine, too, but there are associated fees for non-member posts. Email me offlist.

Finally, Techcrunch Disrupt is coming to NYC May 24-26. The conference itself is $1500 BUT – it’s free for startups to apply to pitch: http://tcrn.ch/aacaoM l

And now,mMy work here is done and help is on the way…

Linkedin Group: StartupOneStop
Twitter: @SOSlist

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