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“Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone’s medical records were available anonymously to research doctors?” said Larry Page at TED in Vancouver last week. “When someone accesses your record — a doctor — you could see which doctor accessed it and why. You could maybe learn about what conditions you have. I think if we just did that, we could save 100,000 lives this year.” Page suffers from a medical malady, and by publicly sharing the information, people with similar maladies responded. Page said, “I’m just very worried that with Internet privacy, we’re doing the same thing we’re doing with medical records, we’re throwing out the baby with the bathwater. We’re not thinking about the tremendous good that can come from people sharing the right information with the right people in the right ways.”

Are there two realities going on here on Planet Claire?

It came out that Microsoft is reading users’ Hotmail emails. Ever notice the ads that appear in your Gmail accounts as your composing your emails? Tend to reflect some need you’re sharing with a friend, no? According to Goog, you have no expectation of privacy, even if you’re merely responding to someone with a Gmail account. More information here, for the curious.

Being the consummate optimist, we’d like to believe that Page is serious about respecting users privacy/anonymity, but considering that they launching drones to ‘wire the planet’ and the famous Google double speak, not to mention an Occupy Wall Street organizer on their payroll who believes that the government should be turned over to Google. All well and good to urge people not to throw out the baby with the bathwater, but who muddied those waters in the first place, baby? Onward and forward.

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