Good morning, All, and yes, we know we’ve been threatening it for a while, but we’re finally having another gathering! You can thank 1099 Partners (1099partners.com), who are sponsoring and more information to come (next week) about our sponsors and the event, but we wanted to get on your radar. And it literally will be in a garden, so wear comfortable shoes and yes, there will be a barbeque – burgers and beer. And speaking of beer and entrepreneurs – the House just passed American Craft Beer Week, in case you were distracted by the primaries and missed it, celebrating, yes, entrepreneurship – and a good brewski, we suppose. So we will try to stock a few microbrews.

Ooo, could an SOS softball league be far behind? Calm down, we’re not that organized.

And speaking of getting on the radar, General Catalyst is in from Boston and they’re holding office hours, yes, tomorrow. Time does fly, eh? Meetings will be held at the Silicon Alley Insider Offices (119 5th Ave, 7th floor) and here’s the link to get on the calendar: http://doodle.com/r26m8y4dqhzcpcgc. Do us proud, SOSers and maybe GC will be moved to sponsor an event for us soon as well. Yes, we know: subtly went out the window a long time ago.

So, we do have a number of posts today – some longer than others – so without further ado, help is on the way and if perchance you’re reading this this evening, do hope you’re keeping in the spirit of things and enjoying it over a beer…

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