Good morning, All, and just a reminder that we’re having a StarupOneStop.com barbeque next week, Wednesday, June 2, courtesy of our sponsors, 1099partners.com. Address is 243 West 75th Street, Suite B and do wear comfortable shoes, as it is outdoors. Come by for a beer-and-burger barbeque. $10 at the door, RSVP required and here’s the link: http://bit.ly/bS2vwh, or email us at hello@startuponestop.com. We do need a head count.

About our sponsors, 1099partners.com: 1099ers is a unique service that assists technology companies with senior-level, on-demand talent and support. In an economic climate where every dollar counts, 1099ers, with our network of over 2000 industry professionals nationwide, provides your business access to senior executives without your incurring the overhead of a permanent employee. Many of our associates have over 15 years experience in roles such as sales, marketing, finance, legal and technology.

Leverage our network of experienced professionals to penetrate new markets and increase sales. Our team is not “between job” consultants but rather executives who can execute and obtain results by leveraging their experience and vast network of contacts to help take you to the next level. They are only available for assignments they deem interesting and work on an individualized equity/cash compensation arrangement. For more information please email us today at info@1099partners.com.

Please do RSVP as we do need a headcount.

Until then, take the rest of the week off and have a happy and safe Memorial Day and may yours be a day at the beach.


StartupOneStop Team

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