Hi all,

And no, I’m not spamming you. You’re getting this email because:
a) I know you. Or
b) I’ve met you. At least once.
c) I believe you might be helpful to a startup
d) You have a startup and just might have some questions/need help, or
e) All or some of the above.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of something…helpful. And it’s aimed at startups. Primarily internet-centric and technology startups, because that’s what I know, and that’s where most of you are focused, too.

Always good to stick with what you know.

Here’s the 411:
I belong to a lot of lists and social networks, and see postings or get phone calls all the time from people who are starting companies and need recommendations or help. With something:
What’s the best web-hosting service?
Can I recommend a good employment/IP/patent lawyer?
Do I know of any office space to rent or sublet?
The list goes on.

Which is why I’m starting THIS list. Some of you need help. Some of you have help to give. Or might know someone in either camp.

It’s called Startup One Stop, as I’d like it to be the place you come for answers to your question. And because the acronym is SOS and that’s kind of cool, and I’m a recovering copywriter. Startup One Stop is here for that – SOS – to help. Tell us what you need – or what you can offer (space to sublet? Equipment you’re no longer using?). We’ll post it to the community to see what they can offer to help out. At no charge to you, or to the respondent. And no, we’re not going to spam you, or sell the list to a third party. What we want to do is build a community of startups, by startups, for startups.

One step at a time.

The website is up (startuponestop.com), and I hope you’ll visit frequently and write often. You will need to register there, btw. Once registered, emails will come from hello@startuponstop.com so you may want to add that to your addressbook. The general guidelines are there, too. Read them. There may be a quiz. And smoking is permitted only in designated areas.

If you’re looking for love – this isn’t that kind of community. There are other places to go for that.

We mean business.

So, welcome! Hope to see you on the list and feel free to go to the website and post any time. We also hope you’ll also invited qualified friends and associates. Now let’s get growing!


Visit, https://startuponestop.com

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