Hi, All,

First, I want to thank you all for the feedback we’ve been
getting. People seem to really like the “I CAN HELP” section ­ and believe
it or not, it seems you all would like those posters to talk MORE about who
you are and what you’re doing/offering.

Also, a number of you are joining and pointing me to your new startups, so we thought it might be a good idea if you share with the list. If you’d like. I’m not talking about shameless self-promotion. Maybe just run-of-the-mill self-promotion. Hey, this is about startups, so why not talk about what you¹re doing, if you can. Some of you are in alpha. Some in beta. But, hey, wherever you are at this point in time, we’d like you to feel free to talk about it and invite other list members to see what you¹re up to as well. So we’re starting a new section to the email blast called “Elevator Pitch”.  Since we’re among friend here­ hopefully helpful friends ­ don’t simply tell us what you’re working on.
Tell us about your pain points; the challenges you’re facing and/or working
on overcoming; the successes you’ve enjoyed. Feel free to ask for advice
and/or solicit feedback.

Think of this as a trial run elevator pitch, and
you have to the top of the Empire State Building.

Well, ok, maybe just as
far as the 50th Floor.

Anyway, happy

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