Good morning, All, and why is it that, thanks to technology, what used to take a week now takes a day, but industry conferences now go on for a week?

Which means, of course, that it’s Advertising Week in NYC, September 27-October 1. Register here: http://www.advertisingweek.com/ and of course it coincides with the nearly-a-weeklong Web 2.0 ExpoNY (September 27-30; http://bit.ly/bbs6g8) and if you don’t think it’s going to be insanely busy, just consider: they’re followed, soon enough, by Spa Week (spaweek.com). Coincidence? We think not, BUT if you have the fortitude and desire to keep going, well, then head to Boston October 4-8 for FutureMis, the first ever week-long, collaborative, multi-location conference in that fair city. Leading innovators will come together to share and explore how the newest technologies and insights are changing the way marketers think, create, engage and measure. And it’s free.

But wait! There’s more!

Social Media Week LA is this week: September 20th- 24th (http://bit.ly/bguJuo) with dozens of free events.
Look, we had two tornados touch down here AND the new twitter redesign was released, all in the last week: bring it on. We can handle it.

Still, if you just can’t wait for the games to begin here in NYC, BizTechDayNY is September 24, which is the Friday before Advertising/Web 2.0 Expo Week. More info below; there is an SOS discount – and you can also think of it as good practice for next week!

‘Find-A-Cofounder III’is now officially scheduled, and it’s luckily just one spectacular evening. October 4, and developers get in free. Developers will also be tagged at the event, and we’ll have their contact information available afterwards, to make those elusive potential technical cofounders easier to find. There will be a panel discussion; then we’ll hear from people who’ve successfully found their co-founders through this event. And more info to come. To register (early bird rate now available as well): http://fac3.eventbrite.com.

Last but not least, there’s the nextNY AWARDS! Get your nominations in!
To help make @shakeshack 3 possible, nextNY is working with a select group of partners on some very special community awards. Nominations are open until Thursday for the following, and don’t forget to nominate SOS in the email startup category!

NYC Entrepreneur of the Year http://shakeshack.nextny.org/entrepreneur-of-the-year
Best Technology at a NYC Startup http://shakeshack.nextny.org/best-technology-at-a-nyc-startup
Most Buzzworthy NYC Startup http://shakeshack.nextny.org/most-buzzworthy-startup
Most Valuable New York City Angel Investor http://shakeshack.nextny.org/most-valuable-angel
Best Email Driven NYC Startup http://shakeshack.nextny.org/best-email-driven-startup
Best Company Culture: NYC Tech Company http://shakeshack.nextny.org/best-company-culture

Before you go off and book all of your time and submit all of your nominations, take a breath. And keep reading. Help is on the way…

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