Good morning, All, and speaking of New York, anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always detested the name ‘Silicon Alley.’ Silicon Valley was so designated because there were suddenly chip manufacturers where no real industry existed before. New York has always been a center for business and an alley is a place wherein resides – dumpsters. Silicon Alley? WHY would an industry in one of the greatest cities in the world suddenly want to be called THAT?

I will never forgive Mark Stahlman for having saddled us with the term, but I do want to thank Therese Poletti for her piece in the WSJ last week, “New York’s Tech Start-Up Scene Comes of Age (Just stop calling it ‘Silicon Alley’)” http://bit.ly/cRUrGE. I’ll fess up: I was quoted. Ms. Poletti was writing about how investment money was suddenly flowing into Silicon Alley and I asked her to please stop calling it that. It’s New York and we did name it twice, in case you didn’t hear the first time. I thank her for setting the record straight.

Ok, I’m fine now. Back to our regularly scheduled program:

First, BizTechDayNYC is coming up September 24, and we’ve got a 20% discount for StartupOneStop.com members who’d like to attend. BizTechDay, an intensive one-day experience where entrepreneurs meet to inspire and be inspired by each other. And hopefully learn from some of the best. Speakers include Scott Heifferman (founder, Meetup), Peter Shankman (founder, HARO), Clay Shirky (Social Media Theorist), Lisa Gansky (founder, Ofoto), and Seth Godin (Author), to name a few. More information below and at: http://www.biztechday.com/biztechday-new-york-2010/ and your discount code is SOS! Hope to see you there!

Techstars is also finally hitting our fair city and a bit about them: Techstars allows you to get your startup funded and off the ground while learning from, well, tech stars: they provide seed funding, mentoring and a chance to pitch to angels and VCs at the end of the program. For more information and to apply: http://www.techstars.org/2010/09/01/techstars-in-new-york-city/. And the mentors include investors and serial entrepreneurs you’ve definitely heard of. Deadline for applications is November 10, and good luck to one and all!

The Bootstrapper Summit has been cancelled – and ‘Find-A-Cofounder ’ is back October 4. We will have the panel featuring a VC and two serial entrepreneurs. We’ll also hear from entrepreneurs who found their cofounders through previous FAC events, and this time, we’ll also have a speed meet component, to make it easier to – find a cofounder, of course.

We’ve gotten a number of new members lately, so we just want to let you know that if you need help with your startup – or have help to give or services you can render, simply go to the StartupOneStop.com site and submit your post. You can also feel free to post a (short) elevator pitch: there are investors on the list!

We hope you all enjoyed your holidays and time to get back to business here in (I can’t resist) New York so, as always, help is on the way…

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