Steve Blank’s Notes on the Tech Bubble

Steve Blank’s Notes on the Tech Bubble

As we said, no editorial today, due to the holidays and yes, we are chomping at the bit with all of the reports surrounding the Peter Thiel/Gawker/Hulk Hogan debacle. In the meantime, just some food for thought:

Steve Blank on the Tech Bubble: ‘VCs Won’t Admit They’re in a Ponzi Scheme’ Steve Blank, creator of the “lean startup” movement, explains how the role of venture capital has shifted over time, and why it doesn’t bode well for startup founders. In case you haven’t been following it, the stock market has gone up 53X since 2009.

And while everyone has been preoccupied with/distracted by Thiel/Gawker, this is what Facebook has been doing to undermine everyone’s freedom and privacy:

Facebook begins tracking non-users around the internet

Thanks to Facebook, Is America’s Strongest Biometric Privacy Law About To Be Gutted?

Hope you enjoyed your holiday and were able to make hay while the sun shined (sic). Until next week, onward and forward!

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