The Complete Guide to Coworking in NYC

The Complete Guide to Coworking in NYC

Good morning, All,

Google Glass. Google drones. Google WiFi. Android TV. Now Google cars, which are being touted as cute, cuddly things that could change transportation forever. No steering wheel. No gas pedal. No brakes. No driver. No owner, other than Google. It basically sounds like public transportation, reimagined. Just get in and it’ll take you from Point A to Point B. We do realize that it’s a prototype, but no brakes? What happens when someone in front of you stops suddenly? Or a kid suddenly runs out into the street after a ball? Oops. But it’s like Google Glass: a shiny new thing dangled in front of you, that you’re not likely to get any time soon, (in the case of Google Glass) what, with its $1500 price tag, no matter that they cost $80 in materials to produce. Google Glass is a limited application technology at best, and despite the fact that Google doles them out slowly, making them only periodically available, making them a precious commodity.  In the meantime, you don’t notice any bidding wars on ebay, do you? There’s your yardstick.

We do understand that it’s early days for driverless cars, but has Google lost it’s mojo? Where is Google TV?

Tesla Motors is a Big Idea. The Google Go-Cart is not. The last big thing that Google announced was their acquisition of Nest (and note: After Google bought Nest, it removed one of the company¹s biggest competitors from search results). Despite their forays into robotics and drones and ubiquitous wifi, Google is a large corporation whose focus is data collection – and selling advertising. Not really a Big Idea. They’re not disruptors they once were – and they’re not the shiny new thing anymore. Which means that the field is wide open and just one small request: whatever you do, please, don’t be evil as we all go onward and forward.

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