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Since it is Election Day, of course we need an Election Day tech tale. How about: Foursquare, Google Launch “I Voted” Badge.
 Foursquare announced an initiative called “I Voted,” a real-time tracker of users checking in at polling stations around the country. When users vote, they’ll earn an “I Voted” badge and can give a shout out for their civic participation through an #ivoted hashtag. What’s more, the information will be available online in a sleek map visualization that can be broken down by location (state, city, neighborhood) and even gender. The data will be gathered from 107,000 polling stations.

The “I Voted” initiative marks not just another democratic platform in social media, but another instance of the potential for geo-location in politics. Recently, Foursquare competitor a Gowalla launched a similar initiative aimed at getting more people involved in campaigns, offering stamps and badges for their participation and support. Full story: http://bit.ly/bYO5vw

Speaking of oh, the times they are a-changing not so much, a friend tweeted an interesting article from newsweek online (http://bit.ly/b000Jn) about the fortunes and misfortunes of Digg and Kevin Rose: Digg This A cautionary tale for Web 2.0 companies. Interesting read, especially for those on the list who weren’t starting companies in the Web 1.0 days, when it was pretty much the same story: wunderkind gets millions of eyeballs; rejects large sums of buy-out money because it’s just not enough; looks back on the days when he/she was a millionaire on paper. In the words of George Santayana, “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” Remember: the 90s are over; we’re well into the new millennium at this point, and there’s something to be said for going green.

Onward and forward. If any of you non-New Yorkers are in town next week for New York Entrepreneur Week (November 8-14), let us know and happy to do an impromptu gathering or otherwise meet up somehow. 1500 entrepreneurs and over 100 investors from across the nation have already registered. Come mix and mingle and save 75% with your SOS discount code: SOS345: http://www.nyew.org/ Great lineup of panels and speakers, so you’re sure to learn a thing or two.

A highlight of a few of the NYEW events: Always wanted to pick the brain of a seasoned veteran without interruption? If so, this if for you. NYEW Presents: The Entrepreneur VIP Dinner, Tuesday, November 9, 7 pm – 9. Join six special guest, world traveled entrepreneurs (told you we like secrets!) whose companies have created in excess of $2BN in value for an enjoyable and relaxing night of cocktails, connections and dinner to celebrate New York Entrepreneur Week. SPACE IS LIMITED to just 10 attendees. Exact location details will be emailed to you 24hrs prior the event. Cost is $250 and includes pre-fix five course meal, two premium drinks, tax & tip, intimate ambiance with six of the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the world. RSVP: http://nyewdinner2010.eventbrite.com/

On Thursday, November 11, there’s NYEW & Do it in Person Present: The Cocktail Reception. Do it in Person http://www.doitinperson.com/ events are legendary during NYEW, and 350+ attended in April ’10. We invite you to join us for a night of cocktails and networking to celebrate New York Entrepreneur Week at Slate New York located at 54 W. 21st Street, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Limited early bird admission are $30 and include:
– 1 premium drink ticket
– Light food from 7:00PM-8:00PM
– DVD on non-verbal communication
RSVP: http://doitinpersonnovember2010.eventbrite.com/

OK, the best for last, and actually, it’s the first NYEW event: Startup Waffles & Raffle Prize, Monday November 8 and Wednesday, November 10, 8.15 am – 9.15 and it’s worth getting up early as rumor has it that Yours Truly will be one of the chefs and be nice to me or I’ll burn your waffles. Sleep is overrated: come join entrepreneurs for a morning of good food, laughter and homemade waffles. Orange juice, milk and coffee will also be provided. Suggested Donation: $5.00 Raffle Prize:Get up early and submit your name! We have an array of prizes for those who beat the crowd early and stick around all day. Announcement of winner at 3:30 pm. You must be in attendance to receive prize. RSVP: http://startupwafflesnyc.eventbrite.com/

Oh, and as soon as NYEW ends, NYC Startup Weekend begins – and we’ve got an SOS discount for you. More information under Good Stuff!

Ok, so we’ve done our civic duty and even had a cultural moment in there. Our work here is done. Because of the AdTech madness this week, we may only be putting out one blast this week, but we’ll see what we can do, no worries. So, feel free to post what you need, what you can offer, whatever questions you have or whatever at startuponestop.com, because one never knows… In the meantime, as always, help is on the way…

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