Good morning, All, and if you were wondering where in the world all of the seed accelerators are, well, look no further: http://bit.ly/dbNHMW

Yes, New York Entrepreneur Week is at long last upon us and it’s not too late to be there. There’s still a lot to do (http://www.nyew.org/ for the schedule. SOS discount code: SOS345) – and a lot to be done. There will be panels daily, and there’s still time to register for Startup Waffles & Raffle Prize, tomorrow morning, 8.15 am – 9.15 and it’s worth getting up early as Yours Truly will again be on the waffle iron – which means I’ll have to wake up even earlier. And I didn’t burn a one! Come join entrepreneurs for a morning of good food, laughter and homemade waffles. Orange juice, milk and coffee will also be provided. Suggested Donation: $5.00. And remember: it’s the early bird who catches the Raffle Prize, so be there and submit your name! Or mine! We have an array of prizes for those who beat the crowd early and stick around all day. Announcement of winner at 3:30 pm. You must be in attendance to receive your prize. RSVP: http://startupwafflesnyc.eventbrite.com/

On Thursday, November 11, there’s NYEW & Do it in Person Present: The Cocktail Reception. Do it in Person http://www.doitinperson.com/ events are legendary during NYEW, and 350+ attended in April ’10. We invite you to join us for a night of cocktails and networking to celebrate New York Entrepreneur Week at Slate New York located at 54 W. 21st Street, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Limited early bird admission ($30) includes:
– 1 premium drink ticket
– Light food from 7:00PM-8:00PM
– DVD on non-verbal communication
RSVP: http://doitinpersonnovember2010.eventbrite.com/

Following on the heels of NYEW: StartupWeekend, November 12-14 in both New York and Boston. And in Silicon Valley the following weekend.

The event is special for a few reasons:
First, it’s scheduled on the eve of Global Entrepreneurship Week (for more info check out www.unleashingideas.org).
Second, it’s our first ever Arts+Tech mash-up. We’ll be combining the best New York has to offer – arts, fashion, and tech- in a 3-day frenzy bound to produce some world-class startups. Quick thanks to our partners Nolcha.com, Blip.tv and 10gen.
Third, it’s part of the first ever Global Startup Battle (globalstartupbattle.com), connecting Startup Weekends in 22 cities around the globe, from Beirut to Tokyo, from Sofia to São Paulo, from San Fran to Boston and more. Winning teams from each event will get the chance to compete with the best 54-hour startups from around the world.
And just in case that’s not reason enough to register, how about a discount off the listed ticket price? Just go to nyc.startupweekend.org, click on Register, and when prompted enter “StartupOneStop” for $20 off. Feel free to e-mail shane@startupweekend.org with any questions or to just bug him because he just doesn’t have enough to do, and look forward to seeing you there!

StartupWeekend Boston is also November 12-14 at Microsoft NERD (New England Research and Development), which is located in Kendall Square. It will start around 6pm on Friday, run through 10 or 11 that night, then go 9-9 (give or take) on Saturday and Sunday – with the final presentations and dinner running from 6-8pm or so. Information can be found at Boston.StartupWeekend.org.

Shoutout: our Pepsi 10 winner Zazu (getzazu.com) was launched at Boston StartupWeekend back in December. New York: do us proud! Boston: the pressure is on!

Then you Californians, get ready forStartup Weekend in Mountain View November 19-21. Women 2.0 will joins forces with SW there and both men and women are welcome. For more information and to register: http://on.fb.me/bwPeZj

A number of you will be pitching at NYEW and teams will also pitch on Sunday at SW, so we thought we’d offer you a bit of inspiration and advice before you step up to the dais. Not from us, personally, but from two sources:

The ABCs of Starting an Investor Pitch Meeting: Always Be Credible (http://www.bostonvcblog.typepad.com/). The dos and don’ts:
Be genuine and personable
Be crisp and on point
Keep it short
Do not exaggerate
There’s no “I” in team
Don’t name drop.
His parting shot: Be credible, humble and specific and you’ll do fine. Take the 5-10 minutes time to establish that initial credibility, and then move on. Investors like to back great people, so spend as much time thinking about how to present yourself in a compelling fashion as you would your idea.

Then, a few words of wisdom from Jason Goldberg, serial entrepreneur, firestarter, and ship it! guy. His motto is ship it! – build something fast; get it out there in front of real people; get their feedback, iterate, repeat, make mistakes. He has also written up his 57 Things I’ve Learned Founding 3 Tech Companies (http://bit.ly/cdQBPn), which might be a good point of references for some of you. “I’ve been founding and helping run technology companies since 1999,” says Jason. “My latest company is fabulis.com. Here are 57 lessons I’ve learned along the way. I could have listed 100+ but I didn’t want to bore you.”

The #1 lesson learned: Build something you are personally passionate about. You are your best focus group. Lastly: Never give up!

And remember: the field mouse is fast, but the owl sees at night. (#Fakezenquotes)

If you have a post to share, go to www.startuponestop.com. On that note, what else could it be but that help is on the way…

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