That OTHER time of year.

Good morning, All, and we mean the convergence of Passover, Easter and Spring Break, sooo – we may only be sending out a blast or two this week and next. But – if you have posts to send, we’re certainly happy to accommodate and keep with the twice-weekly program, not to worry!

Still, don’t forget that applications are due April 1 for the Open Angel Forum here in NYC. This event is for companies that have a working and demonstrable product to present. Submission form is here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHZ2WUVsQXROV3d2MWxmd1hqTU45bnc6MA
April 1 is also the Bootstrapper Summit, for those of you who are attending, or plan to and haven’t signed on yet: http://bootstrappersummit.com/

And welcome, Brooklyn! I went to Digital Dumbo last week and was blown away! A lot of tech going on in our East Coast version of SoMa (South of Manhattan, not Market, for those of us playing the home version and have even ventured to SF once or twice or ad nauseam. Once a copywriter, always a copywriter: you were warned). So, we do have a number of new Brooklyn members and hope to see you all at the next Digital Dumbo. We’re there!

Finally, there’s a good chance I’ll be in Boston next Thursday, so Boston members, ping me and maybe we can perchance meet!

Until then, help is on the way…

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