Good morning, All, and it has come to our attention that the only time we’ve really made it clear how to post to the list is when we sent out the announcement launching StartupOneStop, and, well, we’ve gotten one or two or legions of new members since then, so here’s how you do it, since so many of you ask:

Step #1: Go to the StartupOneStop.com website.
Step #2: Click on the second link down, left hand side: ‘Post to the list.’
Step #3: Self-explanatory from here – then hit ‘submit’

Keep those cards and letters coming in. We’re always happy to hear from you – and always here to help. You’re always welcome to invite friends and colleagues to join as well, btw. And that would be the first link, left hand side: “Sign up for our list.”

Onward and forward:

Girls in Tech – who posted below – are doing an event TONIGHT (only 40 spots, so act quickly) – Teach to Educate. More info in their post.

WSGR Entrepreneurs College starts tomorrow, April 7. It’s a free series of seminars and networking events covering a wide range of topics to help you focus your ideas and business strategies and runs semi-weekly over the course of 17 weeks. It’s actually quite good and very informative. So if you’re in Austin, NYC, SF, San Diego, Seattle or Washington, DC, register here: http://www.wsgr.com/WSGR/Display.aspx?SectionName=news/emailer/event264

For the record, no, we are not yet one of the 700,000+ owners of an iPad and speaking of lists of things to (eventually) do, here’s a list of 16 seed funds in New York: http://www.kartme.com/phil/seed-funds-nyc. Anyone have any more to add, wherever you happen to be in the world, let us know and we’ll share.

New York Entrepreneurs Week is next week, if you haven’t registered yet. And don’t forget to use your sos2010 discount code to save 75%.

For now, help is on the way…

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