Good morning, All, and don’t forget that New York Entrepreneur Week starts Monday. Hope to see you there.

Speaking of entrepreneurs, The Northeastern University Entrepreneurs Club will be hosting the 2010 Husky Innovation Challenge Demo Day on April 16 in Boston. The Challenge celebrates the newest student-run startups to emerge from the semester – many of which already have customers. More info in the post below.

I know. Makes you wonder what they’re teaching in school these days.

KIDDING and congratulations to Punit Shah, for being the driving force behind it all.

So, one more thing regarding posting: I went to the post NY Tech meetup schmooze and a few of you were there and asked how often you’re allowed to post to the list. No rules about that. Post what you need, when you need to. We’re happy to accommodate, where and when we can.

And, no, no one bought me off with a drink. Drat that!

Now, as always, help is on the way…

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