Good morning, All. It was just a thought, and for all we know, T.S. Eliot was just a fellow allergy sufferer.

Anyway, happy April 15 (is that an oxymoron?) and a heads up to the startups on the list: Job Generation is looking for a few good startups to present at their next event. In case you don’t know the drill: This event gets you in front of VCs in a whole new way. 5 Start-Ups will present their plans to the audience, after which a select group of CEOs will offer their leadership and sales strategies. A team of early stage VC’s will adjudicate them – determining which execs are most likely to add value to the companies. The official post will be coming soon, but if you’re a startup and want to participate, email us at hello@startuponestop.com.

Exactly what time does the post office close?

We have a number of posts today, so onward and forward, and once again, help is on the way…

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