Good morning, All, and our thanks to all of you who attended ‘Find A Co-Founder II’ last night – and all of you who were with us in spirit. And yes, we do hope to expand it into other cities, for all of you who sent us your requests. Working on it, and any help you can offer on that front – we’re listening.

The next NY event will be sometime in mid-September. And again, a special thank you to our sponsors – New York Angels, PepsiCo and HodgsonRuss – who help to make it all possible!

We do get a number of requests for recommendations on outsourcing and thought this might be of interest to you. It’s an article about outsourcing to Argentina, which happens to be in the same time zone as New York. And for those of you in SV, time difference is still preferable to those of other countries we’re more accustomed to working with. The full article is here: http://bit.ly/bxlWdY

Also, one of our SOS members is arranging a business trip to Buenos Aires in November. Here are the details:

We will be leaving Tuesday November 9th for a 12* day trip to the Paris of the South where I will personally ensure a great mix of entrepreneurial and leisure activities for the people joining us. It will be entrepreneurs week in Buenos Aires 15-20 and a Palermo Valley meetup is already planned on the 16th. We will visit certain key industry companies here and on request I will arrange for meetings with the companies you are looking for. And of course there will be soccer, Spanish, tango, art, music and a lot of steak! We will all stay in a Hotel in the Palermo neighborhood, the top design and culinary part of Buenos Aires. Apart from wifi in the hotel we will have the disposition of a fully equipped office on walking distance for you to use during your stay.

* There is a 7 days alternative leaving November 14th.

Cost: USD 1,750 – 2,500 per person, depending on departure date and lodging preferences. This is about connecting with other entrepreneurs and sharing my Argentina experience.

For more information, contact philip@mappyfriends.com.

True, we do not limit ourselves to the US. Even when it comes to posting. Speaking of which, once again, help is on the way…

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