Good morning, All, and before it’s over – the summer, that is – some summer reading for startups:

This past Friday, Dave McClure outlined his investment thesis on his blog, Master of 500 Hats. Worth the read: http://bit.ly/cQLeLF

FYI, McClure just filed with the SEC for his own venture fund, 500 Startups, (http://tcrn.ch/aDa0CK)- and, among other things, also leads a travel group called GeeksOnaPlane to promote cultural exchange & education for tech entrepreneurs around the world.

Tech trivia: Don’t know if they still do, but in the days of web 1.0, the flight between San Jose and Seattle was called the Nerd Bird. Now it seems to be the flight between San Jose and Austin. Times change. And we supposed the NYC equivalent would be the N (or R), appropriately enough.

Next: We’re gearing up for ‘Find-A-Cofounder III’ and changing it up a bit. This time, we’re going to have speed dating to meet technologists, and techs will get in free. Stay tuned for more info on that. You’ll also hear from previous attendees who did manage to find their cofounders at the event – and they’ll tell you how they did it – and how it’s going. We’ll still have the panel and the networking, not to worry. The event will take place Wednesday, September 1. Just giving you advance notice.

While some thing change, some things don’t, which means, of course, that help is on the way…

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