Bet that got your attention and the best part is – it’s true!

Good morning, All, and FYI: many of them are computer science and business majors. Here’s the deal:

Who are they? 30 Int’l college students selected for Intra-Governmental program to study at Queens College and do internship in your business.
What do that expect from the internship? Learning US business practice in an English speaking work environment (preferably) related to their area of study.
When they can start an internship? From 26th August 2010 for one year.
Can my company interview them? Yes, they are available for in-person interviews. Send Molly Moon ceo@title8advisory.com your intern’s job description after selecting your finalist (up to 4) from the attached list. We set up your interview in 3 business days.
Can any company host the intern? Any lawfully filed US company that has an office (no home office) allows intern a space and equipment (if needed).
What happen after the interview? When the student accepts an offer you release, s/he will start from the date you suggest.
The unpaid is truly okay for them? In support of taking unpaid internship, this program funds $750 per month up to 6 months. Matching funds/Meal allowance/transportation stipend are all welcomed.
Can we pay? Sure! The students have intern (J) visa, which can legally work, be paid and pay taxes.
Further conversation? Feel free to contact:

Molly S. Moon
Columbia Business School ’08
1560 Broadway, Suite 700
New York, NY 10036
Mobile: 646. 522. 7233

It’s Christmas in August, eh, and aren’t you glad you’re here reading this and not off on some beach in the Hamptons? Ok, that wouldn’t be too shabby, either, but wait! There’s more! Yes, an investor posted today, so keep reading, because (even more) help is on the way…

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