Free is always welcomed and that said, Good morning, All, and we’ve always said that what every startup needs is…help. And exposure doesn’t hurt either, especially when along with it comes…help.

So, Job Generation is coming up next week – May 4th, to be exact. This Ibreakfast.com event is an excellent way to get you story out to VCs – and maybe show up on TV. In this forum, experienced executives get to advise you on how they would run your company; VCs will judge your business plan and you get advice and buy-in from investors in return. One company raised 10x the norm by dealing with one of these execs ($900K for a FaceBook-based start-up) through a savvy deal with connected investors. Participants at the last show received exposure on NY1 and all over the TimeWarner cable system.

Start-Ups: To enter, send your business plan to bp@ibreakfast.com or go to www.ibreakfast.com and use the Submit Business Plan link.

Executives: To enter, send your resume to exec@ibreakfast.com

First 10 applications are free – whether you’re chosen to participate this time or not – otherwise attendance is $30.

But wait! There’s more! Like an SOS code that gives you a 30% discount (code: SOSlist), so it’s really $20 to attend for StartupOneStop members. http://jobgeneration.eventbrite.com/

We did attend last time and it was a lot of fun listening to the startups pitch, and hearing the seasoned executives – and the investors – react and coach and we will also admit that sitting home and watching “Dancing With the Stars” really isn’t our cuppa.

Also, early bird registration for SAI Startup 2010 ends soon – and SOS members get a 20% discount. Register at http://startup-2010.eventbrite.com/?discount=StartupOneStop .

Hope to see some of you at SoCin’s closing night tonight, and in the meantime, help is on the way…

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