Good morning, All, and thought it might be something of interest to you.
IA Ventures will be holding its next open office hours on Thursday, May 13th. Come by, meet the team and discuss whatever is on your mind. They have a number of open slots remaining for this session, please feel free sign up here .

Speaking of startups and going in front of VC’s – wonder how the SOS startups did/are doing at Job Generation this morning. We’ll let you know after all of the votes are in.

For the lawyers and accountants on the list: we tweeted yesterday that nominations are being taken for the best accountants and attorneys awards. So if anyone on the list wants to nominate someone they know or work with, here’s the link: http://nyreport.com/bestadvisors

And just to remind you all once again, to post, just go to the startuponestop.com website, and click on the second link on the left. Self explanatory from there.

You know, we know a lot of you have been hooking up with each other and doing business – we know because you tell us – and of course we encourage it. It’s why we’re here, after all. If you have good news you would like to share with the list, please do feel free to do so. And no, I was never a cheerleader. Wasn’t the kind of activity that would get me into the kind of colleges I was targeting and the Columbia football team SUCKS! And I don’t think they even have cheerleaders. Marching band, yes. Cheerleaders, no. which could be part of the problem.

We digress and yes, help is on the way…

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