The Facebook Takedown and the Underlying Agenda

The Facebook Takedown and the Underlying Agenda

Wonder why Facebook is suddenly under attack from all quarters, given that the user information collected by Cambridge Analytica occurred well over a year ago, and that this was far from the first time Facebook had breached user confidentiality (although if you read the TOS, all your data belongs to Facebook, anyway)? Apple CEO Tim Cook, Salesforce founder Marc Benioff, et al are all happily throwing Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg under the bus, so you might start wondering about the timing of all of this. And what you’re being distracted from otherwise noticing.

As Forbes says, Why Are We Just Finding Out Now That All Two Billion Facebook Users May Have Been Harvested? “The company acknowledged what (this article’s author) said many times before – likely the entirety of Facebook’s two billion public profiles (and quite a few private profiles) are archived in repositories all over the world by academics, companies and criminal actors, not to mention countless governments. The big story was not Facebook’s confirmation of this, but rather why the company took until (April 4, 2018) to confirm it.”

The Net Neutrality Factor

The tech cartel have been quietly attempting to reverse Net Neutrality, which, as we’ve said before and have written about and clarified in a past column, basically exempt the cartel/social media companies from being neutral and treating all content equally, via a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution.

“Whose side are you on?” (Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.)) told a crowd of net neutrality advocates outside the Capitol,” according to Politico. “Do you stand with the big-money corporate interests and their army of lobbyists?”

Army of lobbyists? As of 2013, Google already ranked as the eighth-biggest advocacy spender. As The Guardian reported prior to the 2016 elections, Jamie Court, president of the pressure group Consumer Watchdog, said: “Google’s founders had a motto, ‘Don’t be evil’, but they’re oozing evil these days in the political realm. They’ve gone from neophytes to mobsters in Washington. They’ve become brass knuckle influence peddlers.”

Facebook spent over $11M on lobbying efforts in 2017, and Bloomberg reported last month that Facebook Inc. is on a hiring spree in Washington, looking to bring on 11 additional lobbyists.

Big money corporate interests? The tech cartel uberlords are among the world’s wealthiest people. They’re no longer so-called innovators experimenting with zeroes and ones. They’re very much a cartel who’ve an inordinate number of zeroes on to their personal net worth.

Neutral? The major social network platform, including YouTube (owned by Google/Alphabet), Facebook, Twitter and streaming service Periscope (owned by Twitter) have been demonetizing content providers whose politics/points of view they don’t necessarily like. Without recourse.

In fact, “Great Read” Says Twitter’s CEO About Article Advocating Eradication of the Right.

And there’s the agenda.

Make no mistake about it: there’s war on between two power centers: Washington lawmakers and the Silicon Valley cartel. Between an elected government and nation states with vast global reaches and interests, arguing to reinstate so-called Net Neutrality while designating themselves judge and jury of what you can and cannot see.

Then there was the ‘Ugly Memo,’ that advocated Growth At Any Cost: Top Facebook Executive Defended Data Collection In 2016 Memo — And Warned That Facebook Could Get People Killed. Which happened, literally, in Silicon Valley just last week, with the shootings at YouTube’s offices (which we in no way sanction or condone), that was duly reported then quickly disappeared from the news. Followed by Facebook arbitrarily deeming conservative comedy duo Diamond and Silk (et al) ‘unsafe for the community’, which was also underreported by the media,adding that the decision was  “final and it is not appeal-able in any way.”

All things considered, it seems that you are no longer merely the product in this power struggle. You are now also little more than collateral damage. Onward and forward.

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